Learn to Cook With My 5 Favorite Youtube Chefs

Learn to Cook With My 5 Favorite Youtube Chefs


As you guys probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of cooking shows. I used to get my fix from the Food Network and Cooking Channel, but lately I’ve noticed that they seem to be airing more and more reality shows. They never seem to air cooking shows at night and we don’t have a DVR to record things during the day.

Therefore I’ve turned to my roku and youtube for help. It’s surprising to me just how many cooking shows and demos you can find on youtube. Most videos are 5-10 minutes long and I’ve actually learned some fantastic recipes, tips and tricks from these guys. I subscribe to quite a few different chefs / home cooks, but here are my favorites.

Laura in the Kitchen

Laura’s youtube channel is actually so successful that she has landed her own show on the Cooking Channel. She primarily cooks Italian food, but often branches out to different cuisines. She has a really relaxed style of cooking and her recipes are generally easy to follow. Plus she’s just plain adorable. This one is definitely worth a watch.

The Domestic Geek

The Domestic Geek is full of tons of no fuss, healthy, creative options. I particularly enjoy her Healthy Meal Prep series where she preps food for the entire week. She has lots of great options for food on the go like mason jar salads, breakfast muffins and breakfast bars.

Brothers Green Eats

These guys are absolutely hilarious. They are two brothers living in Brooklyn who cook in really creative and intriguing ways. They do things a bit unconventionally, but they do things in a way that makes sense. Plus they have lots of fun series like “Live Like a Vegan King on $50 a Week”, “How to Live off of $3 a Day”, “Hotel Room Cooking” and “15 Minute Dinners”.

Donal Skehan

I just like to listen to this guy talk. I mean, who doesn’t love an Irish accent. He creates a variety of dishes with a really homey feel. His recipes are easy to follow and always look delicious. He makes the kind of food that you actually want to make. Like Laura (Laura in the Kitchen), he also has a show on the Cooking Channel.

Food Wishes

Chef John at Food Wishes is great. The video production is as simple as it gets – it’s really just about the food. This guy was a culinary instruction so he has a cooking style that is easy to follow and understand. Plus his recipes are always delicious.

Gordan Ramsey

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