Life Lately – April 2017

Life Lately – April 2017

April was a pretty fantastic month. I went to New Orleans for the firs time and it was amazing. I learned a lot about the city and ate some truly amazing food.

We decided to treat ourselves to 23andMe kits for our birthdays. My birthday is May 7th and Ivan’s is the 10th, so hopefully we thought they would make nice gifts to each other. My results came back last week, Ivan’s are still out.

We both were weirdly excited to get the results back. I don’t know why we are so fascinated with things like that, but we are. I was especially curious because I’m not even really related to my great-great grandpa Snyder. My great-great grandma was pregnant when they married (how scandalous!), so we aren’t technically Snyders. Legend has it the mystery man was a tall dark and exotic stranger. I’ll do a detailed post on my results next week.

Anyways. What else? We went to our first baseball game of the season (go Nats!) and I got to rock my new jersey. It’s a Gio Gonzalez jersey that my parents got me for Christmas. I like Gio, but my parents thought it was fun because I’m marrying into the Gonzalez family. At any rate, I’m happy to rock the jersey.

I also spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon at the record store with my friend Desi this month. I got these new beauties. I love collecting records. It’s taken the place of my book collection. I never buy books anymore, I decided I don’t need them when we moved. It was so hard leaving them, but I figure with ebooks and the library, if I REALLY want to read something again I can get it easily enough.

I was so excited to find the live Bob Seger album – he’s so great live. Being from Michigan, I am a huge fan. Plus, it’s one of the few artists that I listen to that Ivan likes as well. The Patsy Cline 2 disc set another great find. I only paid $7 for it, and it’s got all of her best songs (the other two albums were $3). The last one – the History of Rhythm & Blues album – has such a great mix on it. The Coasters, Bobby Darin, Ray Charles & the Drifters… can’t go wrong there.

Later in the month, I went to the driving range for the first time. I have wanted to try golfing for a long time and I finally took the plunge this month. It was much harder than it looks and I actually woke up sore the next day. I didn’t expect that.

I had a difficult time not swinging the club like a baseball bat because I grew up playing softball. I’m thinking about finding somewhere to take lessons so I don’t develop bad habits that are hard to break later.

Ivan and I also went out a few times this month – once with just the two of us and once with another couple. Our double date was super fun. We went bar hopping on a Friday Night on a Party Trolley.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? It’s a giant bike that you peddle around from bar to bar to bar. You get a 2 hour time slot and all of the bars on the tour have specials for the trolley participants. It was an absolute riot. I think it would be a great idea for a bachelorette party or a birthday.

I also went for brunch with some friends at my favorite restaurant in Old Town, Taverna Cretekou. It’s got the best greek food and it’s just so pretty.

That’s about it. How was your April? May is going to be a great month. My birthday is on Sunday, Ivan’s is on Wednesday, one of my best friends is coming to stay with us and I’m going back to Michigan to see my family.

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  • Happy birthday week!

    I went to New Orleans for the first time last February and loved every meal there.

  • New Orleans sounds like so much fun. I hope you have a very happy birthday!

  • I’m glad you had such a great birthday! Looks like it was a lot of fun. I never heard of the 23 and me kit..I’ll have to look up what that is! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  • When we visited DC last year we LOVED the Nationals ballpark. It looked awesome!

  • oooh that kit sounds interesting. i am intrigued by what my results would be with something like that, but i almost don’t want to know? haha. i have seen those party trolleys around our city, but i’ve looked into it and you have to have the whole group, like we can’t just hop on with other people if that makes sense. i wanted to do it with KC but two of us couldn’t power that thing haha. I wish it could be a thing that you could join other couples with. if that makes sense. anyway! i’d love to go back to NOLA, i went years ago and did not fully appreciate the food. want to go back and make up for it ;)

  • Looks like a fun month! I have seen those trolly things in a few cities and have always wanted to try one! And I agree, golf is soooo hard. My husband loves playing and is always trying to get me into it but I just can’t get the hang of it.

  • Happy almost birthday! Looks like April has been a really fun month for you and sounds like May will be too. I’ve seen those party trolleys all over Nashville when I used to live there and they always seemed like a fun time.

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