Life Lately – June 2017

Life Lately – June 2017

This year seems to be going by so quickly. June, like most months, was a bit crazy around here. According to my camera roll, one of the first things we did in June was go to the beach. We drove about an hour away to Matapeake Beach to teach Kidd to swim.

It’s the closest dog friendly beach to DC and it’s actually pretty nice. It’s right over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge – across the bay from Sandy Pointe. It’s also free, unlike Sandy Pointe. Although Sandy Pointe has actual bathrooms, not port-a-potties. But they don’t allow dogs during the summer. So that was a no go for us.

Turns out Kidd knew how to swim all along. We adopted him about two years ago (he was 3 & 1/2) and he’s never swam in front of us before. When we first got him, he jumped to me in my Uncle’s pool, but he was weighed down by his harness. I launched into full on mommy freakout mode and I think I scared him. He hasn’t attempted to swim since. Although, in all fairness, we’ve only taken him to dog parks with small lakes and ponds. He hasn’t had the opportunity to swim with us since that day. You can see my little pumpkin killing it at the swimming game in the video below.

What else did we do this month? We’ve gone out to brunch a few times, but I didn’t take pictures. We also went out at night a few times. Here are the only two pictures I’ve got from our nights out. Sometimes I’m a really awful blogger.

We’ve gone to see a few movies in the park – La Bamba and Spaceballs. La Bamba was for Ivan, Spaceballs was for me. Although I honestly enjoy both movies.

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I also managed to score tickets to a Q&A / Screening of All the Presidents Men with Bob Woodward. That was pretty epic. That’s one of the things I really love about living in DC. There are so many cool opportunities that you just don’t get anywhere else.

I also met a few friends to see Wonder Woman when it first came out. Has anyone seen it? I was very impressed with it.

Later in the month, we went on a double date to a Lady Antebellum concert. I just love outdoor concerts. It was pretty hot that night and I accidentally got rather tipsy. Oh well. I wasn’t driving. No harm, no foul.

The final highlight was attending a party at the Mexican Embassy. That was on the 30th, so the last day of the month.

One last note – I also completed Fitness Blender’s 4 Week FBburn program. Anyone else use Fitness Blender? I’ll be doing a full review of the program soon. I just started on their 8 week FBfit program, which should take me right up the wedding.

That’s it for June. What was your favorite part of the month?


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  • Kay

    The year is absolutely flying by! Sounds like you had a great June!

  • i’ve never heard of fitness blender, i am intrigued! i am the same at being an awful blogger – i am really bad when i’m out actually. just enjoying doing whatever, but i’m good at documenting silly things, like cats, tea and books. lol. i have not seen wonder woman, but i really want to! KC hates pretty much all ‘superhero’ movies so i might see that one on my own lol

    • fitness blender is the best. They have a ton of free workout videos on youtube, but you can also purchase programs. I was just doing random videos, but now I’m trying out a few programs. Plus I find it way easier to workout at home. I can do it whenever I want and don’t have to schlep myself to the gym lol And YES! Go see Wonder Woman :)

  • favorite part of june was the week we spent in colorado visiting my mother’s family. i went zip lining, hiking and rock climbing. i’d never done the first or third, was more than a little wary of doing both because of vision and some medical issues i have, but i really enjoyed doing both.

    as for wonder woman… i love chris pine in pretty much everything, so it didn’t hurt that he was in that movie at all. i loved gal gadot’s portrayal of wonder woman. but it’s definitely not my favorite comic flick. i was pretty disappointed by the ending. i’m glad you could appreciate it, though. that’s what makes the world go round, right?

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