Lions & Tigers & … Panda Bears Oh My: Exploring The National Zoo

Lions & Tigers & … Panda Bears Oh My: Exploring The National Zoo

I’m a bit late on this post, but better late than never. Anyways, about a month ago I spent the morning exploring the Smithsonian National Zoo. It was a dreary morning and a lot of the animals were camped out inside or in their private zones. I did see a few cuties though.

5When I first neared the Giant Panda exhibit, all of the pandas were asleep or hiding out. Eventually this little darling girl, who I think is Bao Bao (the baby) woke up and came out to play. She was fascinated with a green ball that she kept pushing around.

Right beside the panda exhibit you’ll find the Asian Elephants. Apparently they have seven elephants, but I only spotted the one. Their habitat was pretty expansive and even includes an elephant operated shower. I didn’t go inside the elephant community center, which now I’m regretting. There were just so many children running around, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Now it’s closed because one of their elephants is sick. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it back before we leave.6My favorite part of the zoo was the orangutan bridge. There is a rope bridge that goes over the walking paths that the orangutans use to move between their indoor and outdoor spaces. I’m not sure if they go across at certain times or if they’re free to move around whenever they want, but I was lucky enough to see one go across. He (or she) went right above my head. I was so involved with the whole sight that a zookeeper had to shout at e a few times to move. Whoops. Apparently you’re not supposed to stand beneath them. It was probably for my own benefit, don’t want any orangutan dropping in my hair wigs43

I was also rather fond of the flamingos. I don’t remember ever actually seeing them in real life before. I must have – I can’t imagine that they don’t have these guys at other zoos, but for some reason they really stuck out to me this time.

And of course the Lions. Everyone enjoys the lions. 2

Check out the male just observing this harem. He’s certainly got it made.
1If you’re going to DC, the Smithsonian National Zoo is worth a visit. It’s free and it’s one of the only things left in DC that you can just waltz right into. No metal detectors or anything. Plus, the area is really nice. It’s worth a ride out on the red line to see Bao Bao.