Meet Kidd

Meet Kidd

Well, we’re back from DC. We made the drive back on Saturday and arrived in East Lansing at about 5pm. We unpacked the car and headed over to the humane society to check out some dogs. We left with Kidd – a pointer mix who had been there since April.


He’d been there the longest out of all the dogs and he just tugged at our heartstrings. We weren’t necessarily planning on getting one that night, but I just couldn’t leave him there any longer.

IMG_9942He’s such a fantastic dog. He’s 3 and he knows sit, look, down and shake. He’s very active outside, but relaxed and calm inside. He’s very good about going in his crate and he’s already house trained.  He’ll cuddle with you and follow you around, but he isn’t all over the place. They warned us that he gets excited and jumps around, but we haven’t experienced that at all. We’ll see if his personality changes at all once he gets settled in.

IMG_9982He definitely favors Ivan, but that might change over the new few weeks. Ivan is going home to Arizona, so it will be just the few of us. I’m excited to get him running with me. IMG_9946

He’s already claimed the couch. It’s pretty funny, he doesn’t like the bed, but he’s in love with the couch. He’s squeeze behind you if there isn’t room for him to stretch out beside you.


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  • Congratulations! Kidd looks like a sweetie pie – cheers to the family!

  • awwww he’s so adorable! that picture of him on the couch is hilarious. congrats!

  • I grew up with pointers. They are terrific dogs. Enjoy Kidd <3

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