Mountains, Coyotes & Suns

Mountains, Coyotes & Suns

It was my last weekend in Arizona and we tried to make the most of it. On Friday we attempted to hike Camelback Mountain. Well, I attempted to hike it. Ivan was doing just fine, I had to turn back about a fourth of the way up. I feel like we went further, but Ivan says we only made it a fourth of the way. It certainly felt like more. I’ve never been hiking before and I thought I was going to die. So I took this picture from our highest point and then made him turn around. We then went and stuffed our faces at breakfast. Successful morning if you ask me.

On Saturday night we went to the Coyotes game. The only other NFL team I’ve seen live is the Red Wings. Gila River Arena was so different from the Joe; it’s very modern and fancy. They had cheerleaders and skimpy girls cleaning the ice. There were giveaways and games and all sorts of entertainment.

My favorite part was the howling. Every time the Coyotes scored a goal, everyone started to howl. The fans also started howling every time “Howling For You” By the Black Keys or “Werewolves of London” came over the loud speakers. It was very entertaining. Just the right amount of cheesy. A fight also broke out during the 3rd period. First time I’ve seen that happen live. All in all, a good night.


Later that night we headed out to Mill Ave in downtown Tempe to meet some of Ivan’s friends. Ivan went to ASU, so he was all excited to be back in his “stomping grounds”. I have to admit, it was something else. The only other college town I’ve gone out in is East Lansing. Tempe was a whole other beast. We tried out three bars, finally ending the night El Hefe. People were dancing on the booths, confetti showers and smoke machines were going all night and drinks were a-flowing. IMG_5795Then Sunday night, we headed into Phoenix to watch the Suns take on the Raptors. This was my first NBA game, I’m ashamed to say I’ve never see the Pistons live. It was a great time and the Suns won.IMG_5802I also made my television debut. When we were walking out of the arena, we stumbled into the live taping of Fox Sports. Ivan lifted me up and I was on camera for approximately .5 seconds.
IMG_5805 The game let out pretty early, so we went to hunt down some ice cream. The only place I could find that was open was “Melt”. Guys, it was fantastic. I had cookie monster ice cream which had oreos, wafers and chocolate chip cookies. It came in a Chinese takeout container garnished with a fortune cookie. Ivan got a made-to-order ice cream sandwich. He got mint-oreo ice cream in the middle and god, it was good. If you’re ever in Phoenix, you should check it out.IMG_5816melt copyToday I am linking up with:

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