My Fair Share of Projects

My Fair Share of Projects

I’ve been settling in the new house for the past couple of weeks. I’ve got more room than I did before, so I’ve been able to make a few new furniture purchases. My closet space is about half the size in the new house, so I NEEDED a dresser.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but I wanted a solid piece of furniture. I knew that an antique would be my best bet. I had been watching Craig’s List, but was unable to find what I wanted, so I decided to go out on a scouting mission. We have this fantastic flea market in the area; the DeWitt Antique Mega Mall and they always have the coolest things.

I found a few different dressers I liked, but this beauty took the cake. Isn’t she gorgeous? From what I can tell, it’s from around 1900 and it’s in fantastic shape. It’s never been painted and all the drawers are in working order. It’s also incredibly sturdy. I got it for $114 out the door. I’m so in love. I need to clean it up a bit, I can just tell it’s going to be lovely.

IMG_6116Please excuse my face in the pic. I just snapped this quickly to send with my mom. Unfortunately, I’m busy and forgot to take a legit picture for you guys.

I also finished a pinterest project last night. It’s a baseball wreath. It was incredibly easy and I think I’m going to make another one for my grandma. She’s a huge Tiger’s fan and thinks everything I do is marvelous. Typical grandma :)

IMG_6118 IMG_6126First I drilled through the baseballs and then I threaded them through some wire I got in the wreath aisle at Joann’s. I’m lazy, so I used a pre-made bow I got for 3 bucks and glued a few orange stripes on it. I did my best to draw the tigers symbol, but you know… permanent market isn’t so easy to draw with on baseballs. Go figure. I like it though. I’ll hang it up with pride.

I’m also going to be building a desk out of reclaimed gym flooring. I found some on Craig’s List and I’m so excited about it. We’re picking it up tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you guys updated with it. If you follow me on instagram you’ll see progress pictures!

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  • Blogging world has missed you!! The crafts look great :)

    • Thanks Claire! I’ve just been so busy that blogging has been pushed aside a bit. But, I’m back at it. I’ve got so many pinterest projects floating around in my head, I’m sure I’ll post more :)

  • That dresser is gorgeous!! What an awesome find!
    Loving that baseball wreath as well, it’s perfect for a Tigers fan especially with baseball season just around the corner.

    • I was so excited about the dresser. I still smile every time I walk into my bedroom :) thanks for stopping by!

  • You are amazing. You did a fantastic job. I really like your dresser. looks traditional and old but looks wise new. Did you apply any polish on it?