My Favorite Book of All Time

My Favorite Book of All Time

I read a lot. Before I started Midwest Darling, I blogged at “That Bookish Girl” where I reviewed books. I’d read at least 100 books a year. So of course, I have many favorites.


The Virgin Suicides. Guys, I love this book. I’ve read it over and over and over again. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s beautiful. A true classic.


Spider’s Bite was the first Urban Fantasy I ever read. I remember picking it up at Barnes & Noble one day when my day took me shopping. After reading this book, I was hooked.

annaAnna Dressed in Blood is one of my favorites. I love this author and the storyline is so unique. It’s dark, gritty and exciting. I’d definitely recommend it.

  • Spider’s Bite looks awesome, I’m adding it to my list!!!

  • I read the virgin suicides so many years ago I barely remember it – time for a re-read i think. adding the others to my list!

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