10 Places to Buy Affordable & Cute Workout Clothes

10 Places to Buy Affordable & Cute Workout Clothes


I’m a sucker for cute workout clothes. If I could, I’d stock my closet with nike, lululemon and all my other expense favorites. But… I’m on a budget, so I’ve had to find affordable places to find cute outfits. Here are my favorite places to stock up.


I’ve told you before, I found my two all-time favorite sports bras at walmart. They also have some pretty cute athletic clothes. Their jackets usually run from about $11-15, shorts $5-10, yoga pants/running tights $10-$12 and shirts are $5-10.


jacket $14.96 | tank $9.96

T.J Maxx / Marshalls / gordmans

I am pretty sure that all of my running shorts and jogging tights have come from one of these three stores. They all operate under the same principle – cheap designer stuff at discount prices. I like my shorts to have built in spandex underneath to stop my legs from running together (don’t you hate that!?) and you can usually find those for about $10-$15 at these chains. I’ve found items from nike, under armor, reebok, adidas and more.

Old Navy

Old Navy has got some seriously cute workout items. Most things range from $10-$20, although you can find some great items on sale often. Things from Old Navy tend to be a bit long on me, but if I hunt a little bit, I can find affordable, cute things that I like.

Goodwill / Ebay

I’ve been very lucky with secondhand shopping. I’ve found some great gear – nike running jackets, lucy tops, lululemon leggings… you just have to be willing to take the time to sort through the racks. Most items at goodwill are between $3-$5, so it’s amazing when you find a great score.


I’m a big fan of the Champion brand at target. Everything I’ve purchased there has held up really well and is incredibly comfortable. I would buy everything in target if I could.

Nordstrom Rack | Saks Off Fifth

I’m obsessed with both of these stores. I’ve bought all sorts of things from them, but workout clothes are my favorite. There are so many cute fun things to find… and at such great prices. Check out these two from Nordstrom Rack.
2tank $10.80 | shirt $14.98

What are some of your favorite places to buy workout clothes?

  • we have a nordstrom rack down the road but i’ve never let myself walk in because i know i will spend alllllll my money lol. i never thought to look at walmart! that jacket and top are super cute.

    • I LOVE Nordstrom Rack. thankfully the closest one is like an hour and a half away from me!

  • I love Old Navy for workout gear! I mean, you’re just going to sweat in it anyway, so I don’t really see the point in spending tons of money on it!

    • I’m with you. Plus, I wash my workout clothes more than any of my other clothes. They go through a LOT.

  • I love TJ Maxx for discounted workout clothes! Do you have an Academy Sports near you? I’ve found so much good stuff there!

    • NO! I’ve never heard of it. I just googled it though and they do have a lot of affordable stuff. Thanks Claire :)

  • Love this!! I always grab my workout clothes from Old Navy… kind of refuse to spend too much, it’s seems crazy too. Right?! And Ebay, yes, yes, what a fab idea. I’m looking for a running jacket… thinking that might be the place! xo

    By The Shore

    • I refuse to pay a lot for clothes I’m just going to sweat in lol but yes! Check eBay! There are so many great finds on there :)

  • Workout clothes can be ridiculously expensive. Love these budget-friendly options!