My Favorite Water Bottle: Contigo’s Madison Autoseal

My Favorite Water Bottle: Contigo’s Madison Autoseal

Earlier this year I became semi-serious with running. My entire life I’ve hated running, but my two best friends are avid runners and they got me into it. Now I run, on average, 4 times a week.

With all of this running, it’s important that I stay hydrated. We’ve got a ton of water bottle floating around. Some we purchased and some were freebies from events.

My Contigo water bottle is my favorite of the bunch. I purchased a lime green Autoseal Madison Water Bottle from amazon about a month ago and it never leaves my side. It’s got a one handed button design, which I love. It’s just so slick. You just push the button in with one hand, tip it back and then drink. Release the button and it locks up.


It doesn’t have a straw, which is fine by me because that’s just one more thing to wash. It does have a built in clip though. I occasionally clip it on to my purse strap when I’m walking around the city and need both hands. If you don’t want to clip it, it’s got a handle on top thats easy to use. I know that sounds funny – how hard can a handle be to use… but you can seriously hold it with two fingers. I love it. It’s got measurements on the outside for convenience, but most importantly it does not leak. I’ve had this upside down in my backpack and it doesn’t leak. I usually lay it down beside me wherever I’m sitting and I’ve never had a drop of water come out. I honestly couldn’t ask for more from a water bottle.

Do you have a favorite water bottle brand? Ivan’s got a camelbak he got from law school. I like it, but you have to bite the straw to drink and I just find that awkward. They are very popular though.

  • isn’t it amazing how one key item can make it that much better?

  • i used to love the camelback but then it started leaking and i got over it. plus i got way too dependent on the straw and how you drink from it that i like, forgot how to drink from a normal cup or bottle lol. right now i am using a ‘pogo’ water bottle. i got it from meijer for $9 and it’s fabulous.

  • Victor


    How much did you buy your water bottle for? On Amazon, they sell for $52.49 right now. I bought the same water bottle (in Lime green) in 2013 for $10.99.

    • I got it on Amazon a while ago for about $10. That’s just madness. It looks like you can get the red one for $11 on amazon, but who knows how long that will last. They must have discontinued it. I’m going to be incredibly careful with mine now! It looks like the “grace” model is sort of similar, you might want to try that one.