My Love Affair With Amazon Prime

My Love Affair With Amazon Prime

Who here uses Amazon Prime? I have been a member of amazon prime for about 3 years now. I joined with a free student trial and never looked back. Each year they add new features and prime benefits that keep it relevant and useful. Here are some of the main reasons why I use prime.

1. Free 2 Day Shipping | $3.99 Overnight
I am a shopaholic. I buy things on prime ALL the time. I buy food, I buy presents, I buy nicknacks, I buy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that I can on prime. I love that I can have whatever I want delivered to my door in 2 days for free. The prices on amazon are usually better than you’ll find in stores and I don’t have to test my patience with standard shipping. I rarely use the $3.99 overnighting feature, but when I need something NOW, I do. Last minute gift? No problem, it will show up on my doorstep by 8pm the next day (my items usually arrive before 3pm).

2. Prime Instant Movies & Music Streaming
I don’t have cable. I don’t see the point in paying for it. I rely on prime, netflix and the free version of hulu. Prime is constantly updating their movie/tv catalog and they’ve managed to sign some big name contracts. Netflix doesn’t have HBO shows, but Prime does. They are also working on expanding their music catalog. I’m still a spotify user, but prime music is a nice bonus to have. I wouldn’t buy it specifically for music streaming… but it’s nice to have.

3. Prime Books (Kindle First & Kindle Owners Lending Library)
If you have prime, you have access to two kindle programs, Kindle First and Kindle Owners Lending Library. With Kindle First you get to download 1-2 free books every month before they are available on the market. You pick from 4 titles selected from amazon and get them free of charge to keep. With the lending library, you can download one free prime book a month. You can return it whenever you want, but you don’t own it. Still, there are over 800,000 books to choose from.

4. Photo Storage
The newest prime feature is photo storage. Amazon has rolled out unlimited photo storage for all prime users. I haven’t really used this, but I am planning on it. It’s always good to backup your photos.

5. Sharing Prime Shipping Benefit
Did you know that if you have a prime account (not the student version), you can share your prime benefits? You can’t share the other features, but you can share the free 2 day shipping and overnighting abilities with up to 4 people. Cool, right?

Prime Costs $99 a year and $49 for students. There is a free trial of both Amazon Prime and Amazon Student available.

So if you’re a prime user, what is your favorite benefit? If you don’t use prime, why not? What would it take to get you to sign up?

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