My Mini When Harry Met Sally Tour

My Mini When Harry Met Sally Tour

When we were in New York, I unintentionally embarked on a mini When Harry Met Sally tour. It all started with Katz’s. We were staying with a friend of ours and he suggested we try their life changing pastrami sandwiches. He also mentioned to me that they filmed the “faking it” scene from that “one movie” there. I of course, immediately knew he meant when Harry Met Sally. It’s only one of my favorite movies after all. Billy Crystal AND the queen of 80’s-90’s rom-com, Meg Ryan? Who DOESN’T love that movie.when-harry-met-sally-when-harry-met-sally-2681185-1600-900

9Anyways, yes. The food was fantastic. Like worth the crazy price of $19.95 per sandwich. I’m super cheap and even I think so. Katz’s was also featured on the Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate”, The Travel Channels “No Reservations”, “Delicious Destinations”, “Man Vs. Food”, “Food Wars”, “Food Paradise” and “Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich”. They really like Katz’s over at the Travel Channel Headquarters. IMG_9459
IMG_9454 Plus, we got to sit at THE table. Right where Meg Ryan plopped her little butt down. Apparently women act out that scene all the time. When you google “When Harry Met Sally Katz” you’ll see a bunch of women in the restaurant making “O” faces. I just ate my sandwich in peace.
IMG_9471I also had a moment in Washington Square Park. We went to dinner with some friends in the Village and were on our way to a bar for some drinks when we passed through the park. I immediately recognized the park from the movie. It’s where Sally drops Harry off when they first get to New York.

Whenharrymetsally21The park has been in countless movies – I Am Legend, Ghostbusters, August Rush, Jungle to Jungle.. but for me, it’s where Sally dropped Harry off.


The park was gorgeous and full of life. We went on a Saturday night at around 8:30 and there were a few performers under the arch. They had quite the crowd gathered and were having a blast. They covered a lot of fun songs and artists like The Jackson Five, Cee-lo, Britney Spears and Gloria Gaynor.

  • oh my gosh, i can’t believe people act out that scene!! i’d be so embarrassed lol. i have actually never seen the movie, but i have seen that scene. clearly i need to watch the movie!

    • it’s such a great movie. But yeah, I’d NEVER act that out. I’d die right then and there.

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