My New Obession: Thredup! Plus a free $10 to get YOU Started

My New Obession: Thredup! Plus a free $10 to get YOU Started

Has anyone ever used ThredUp? How am I just hearing about it now? It’s basically a giant online thrift store full of nothing but cute, current clothes. They stock a lot of high quality brands for a fraction of the original price.

From what I can tell, they add new stock every day, which means I’ve been checking multiple times a day. Can we say obsession? They are very picky with the clothing they accept, so from what I’ve heard, everything is in tip-top condition. I’ve got two orders on the way right now and I’ll do an “unboxing” post when it arrives.

One thing that I was worried about was returns. The idea of not being able to try used clothing on or see it first hand before I bought it worried me. However, they do accept returns for 30 days! If you want your money back, you pay a flat rate of $8.99 for shipping, but if you’d rather just get a credit to the store, the return shipping is free. I’ve always bought clothing on ebay, but I might be primarily switching over here just for that reason alone.

If this sounds like a site you’d like to try, here is $10 to get you started. I used a referral code like this to setup my account and I walked away with these two items.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.32.30 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.32.53 AM

The skirt was $4.99 and is NWT from Banana Republic. The shoes were $5.49 and from H&M. The *tiny flaw is categorized as “minimal fading”. They look like they are in great shape to me, but I can always return them :) I spent a total of $6.49 for everything because I was charged a flat rate of $5.99 shipping. However, if you spend $70 or more you will receive free shipping. If you want to be an absolute baller and spend $150, you’ll get free shipping through the next calendar month. Cool, right? So get shopping ladies!

Don’t forget to set your account up through this link to claim your free $10!

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