My Top 10 Drugstore Health & Beauty Products

My Top 10 Drugstore Health & Beauty Products

If you’ve read my blog before, I’m sure you know that I’m all about saving money. I’m not one to spend a lot of money of things, which includes my beauty routine. For the most part, I keep my look very simple and I use the same products over and over again. Once I find something that works for me, I stick to it. Here are my favorite drugstore beauty & health products (in no particular order).

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1. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector SPF 30

I’ve been using the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream since it first came on the market… a year ago (?). When these BB Creams first became a “thing” in the U.S. I tried a few different brands and ended up with the Maybelline. I have dry skin, pale skin and this cream works wonders. It moisturizes my face, gives me light SPF protection and brightens/evens out my skin. It’s not a miracle worker and its not a foundation, so if you have problem spots, I’d still recommend using some sort of foundation. But, I don’t wear heavy makeup and this is perfect for me. My skin can still breathe under it and I don’t feel like I’m wearing makeup at all.

2. Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion

Like I said above, my skin is rather dry. I’ve bounced around between a few different lotions, but this one is easily my favorite. It makes my skin incredibly soft and it lasts throughout the day. Can’t beat that.

3. Maybelline The Falsies Volum’Express Mascara (Waterproof), 291, Very Black

Use this pretty much everyday. I have very light, short eyelashes and this mascara makes them look pretty damn thick. It has a curved brush, which sort of works, but I curl them anyways. The mascara lasts all day and doesn’t smudge. Which is a big deal for me. I only ever wear mascara on my upper lashes, yet somehow I ALWAYS end up with smudges under my eyes with other mascaras. Not with this one. I use a brown maybelline mascara every once in a while, but I prefer the dark black.

4. Clear Scalp & Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

Although my skin is dry, my hair gets greasy fast. I have to wash my hair everyday, which can make the ends dry and brittle. This shampoo doesn’t weigh my thin, fine hair down and it keeps my hair pretty soft, even when washing it everyday. It’s the best drugstore brand that I’ve tried and I’ve been using it for quite a while now.

5. Suave Dry Shampoo

I’ve tried a number of dry shampoos. Like I said before, my hair gets greasy so freaking fast. I should wash my hair everyday, but sometimes that’s just not feasible. Sometimes I just don’t have time to wash, dry and then style my hair everyday. I had been using Batiste and/or Psssst! dry shampoo, but one day my grocery store was out of BOTH and all they had were Suave and Tresemme. Tresemme was the first dry shampoo I had ever tried and I hated it. I’ll never buy it again. So Suave it was. Let me tell you what. It’s just as good, if not better than the other brands. Plus, its like $2.50 a bottle. The smell isn’t overpowering AND I don’t get the white skunk stripes I normally get with the other brands. I’ve now a Suave girl.

6. Burts Bees Lip Balm

I’ve been using Burts Bees since middle school. I don’t buy anything else. I love the little, what would you call it, sting(?) you get when you apply it. It doesn’t hurt, but it just feels like it’s doing something. No matter how chapped my lips are the burts bees makes them soft and smooth.

7. Suave Naturals Body Wash, Creamy Milk & Honey Splash

Okay, Suave again. For the longest time I turned my nose up at Suave products. Which is ridiculous. I always buy drugstore brand things, so it really doesn’t make any sense. I’ve also tried out their Keratin line, but that doesn’t work on my hair. My hair is too thin and fine for it… it just makes it heavy and greasy. This body wash though? Amazing. It’s really creamy and feels great going on and it smells amazing. The smells stays on my skin too; it’s faint, but it’s there. I buy this body wash, every single time.


8. Garnier Fructis Style De-Constructed Texture Tease Dry Touch Finish Spray

This is a new-to-me product. I just bought it for the first time last week. I’ve heard great things about it, but I just never have good luck with these sort of things. They always either weigh my hair down, turn my hair into a tangled mess or simply don’t work. This, actually works. Crazy, huh? It gives my hair volume and it actually holds. I use quite a bit in my hair, but it doesn’t look like it. You can’t see it, it doesn’t look greasy or brittle. Plus, you can find it for $3.50. I purchased mine at Meijer, but I’ve also seen it at this price at Walmart & Target. Rite Aid had it for $6.99.

9. Maybelline Sunlit Bronze Modern Metallics

I use this eyeshadow everyday. I’ve used it for years now. I have really pale skin and I like to have my makeup look subtle. I can achieve this perfectly with this palette. I can also layer it up and create a darker evening look when I want to. It’s the only eye shadow I ever use.

10. NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner, 889 Extra Black

So NYC. NYC reminds me of wet n’wild, which reminds me of my childhood. I was an ice skater when I was really little and we used to wear Wet n’Wild for the competitions. It was bold, bright and cheap. Here’s the thing about eyeliner. I suck at eyeliner. I cannot put it on straight for the life of me. I’ve tried the pencils, I’ve tried the fancy brushes.. I just can’t do it. Then I found an ELF eyeliner pen that was incredibly easy to use. I could make a relatively even line without too much hassle. The problem was, it gave me eye styes. Which, is basically like a pimple on the edge of your eyelid. It’s an infection of the hair follicle. They’re gross. So obviously, I couldn’t keep using that. I looked everywhere for a comparable product, but no one had the marker like product. Finally I found an NYC version. I was skeptical, because I’ve only ever purchased their nail polishes, but I gave it a try.

Guys, it’s fantastic. It’s easy to apply and easy to remove. If I mess up, I can quickly sort of smudge it out before it dries without starting over. I don’t wear eyeliner everyday, but when I do, I always use this.