Product Review: Doggie Drinklets

Product Review: Doggie Drinklets

I’ve been on the hunt for some portable dog bowls for a while now. I wanted one to take with us jogging, but every one that I found was too clunky. I hate holding things when I run, so I was not too fond of the idea of carting a bowl around with me on my jog.

I finally stumbled across they little beauties on amazon. They are called Doggie Drinklets and they are amazing. It’s just under $10 for a pack of 7 and they are worth every freaking penny.


They completely fold up flat. I keep one in my purse and one if my car at all times. They are reusable and they are PERFECT for jogging. I slip one of the babies into my FlipBelt during our runs and I’ve always got a bowl ready for Kidd.

IMG_0644 IMG_0646

They are very easy to open. You just push the bowl center down and it stays open for water. IMG_0647The most important part however is that Kidd loves them. They keep him cool and refreshed during these hot summer months!


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