Product Review: Liger Universal Smartphone Car Mount

Product Review: Liger Universal Smartphone Car Mount

I am absolutely horrible with directions. I cannot go anywhere without using the GPS on my iphone. The problem is, it’s not exactly easy or safe to continuously look down at the phone in your lap while driving. Enter a smartphone car mount. I’ve tried a few different versions of car mounts over the years. I’ve tried the vent ones, I’ve tried the suction cup versions… everything ended up being pretty junky. I don’t like the idea of permanently sticking something on my dashboard, the suction cups never actually stick and the vent ones never stay.

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I recently stumbled across this CD Slot Mount by Liger for $12.95. It slides right into the CD slot on your car and then you tighten it up to secure it. You can rotate your phone, so you can use it in landscape or portrait mode. I love that it doesn’t leave any marks or reside on your car and it’s a breeze to “install”.

P1120655Once I received the product, I was a bit skeptical. It comes in two pieces and you have to slide them together. There isn’t much of anything that secures these two parts together. I tried it out though and the top piece (with my phone attached) popped off as soon as I hit a bump. That would simply not do. So I decided to jimmy rig it a bit. I put a rubber band around the place where the two parts meet to secure it. That did the job. Now nothing moves and everything works perfectly.

I am not sure why it comes in two parts, I would think it would be much simpler if they just attached the two pieces together. It’s a fantastic concept and once the parts are secure, it’s a 5 star product. If you are looking for a car mount, I’d suggest getting this one, but just know you’re going to watch to glue them or attached them with a rubber band like I did. Nobody wants their phone bouncing around their car.


  • Thanks for the product review.. First thing that great smartphone mount needs is, ability to attach securely to car in a way that makes your phone easy to see without blocking your view of the road.