Product Review: Oh, What a Bag – “The Kalya Town Sqaure”

Product Review: Oh, What a Bag – “The Kalya Town Sqaure”

Let’s talk about bags today. Everyone loves bags, right? I recently ripped my trusty laptop bag/carry-all/giant purse that I had bought from ebags eons ago.  It was a horrible situation that pains me to talk about. Long story short, I was trying to run in the house during a monsoon, my bag got caught on the shifter and I heard a horrible ripping noise. I looked down at the damage and there were huge rips where the strap connected on both sides.

I wasn’t upset with the bag quality; after all I bought it 4 years ago. It was a lovely and faithful bag and had served me well. It was time to move on. So the search began.

I quickly discovered that my original bag was still available on Initially I was excited, but then I started thinking. Was that bag everything I needed it to be?

So I decided I had better pause for a second and determine my bag needs.

I wanted a laptop bag. I wanted a weekend bag. I wanted something I could throw EVERYTHING in. but what if I need to haul something wet? It should probably be waterproof. That would make it easier to clean too. It should be comfortable too, since I’d certainly be carrying books around. I didn’t want something TOO big, but I wanted something I could easily travel with. It needed to have a clean, professional look too… because I’d be taking it into the office with me. So I began searching.

I stumbled around the ebags website and looked at hundreds of bags. Yes, I know, I’m psychotic. But I wanted the PERFECT bag. Then finally, I stumbled upon The Kalya “Town Square”.


Let’s be honest here. This is a hoarder’s bag. But, I can identify myself as a hoarder. I’m fine with that. People, you can fit your LIFE in this bag. When I just carry my laptop and a few odds and ends in it, it is not bulky.  It’s actually rather sleek looking.  The mesh water bottle holder zips back into the bag and it gives it a clean look. When I decide to go insane and prepare to flee the country on a moments notice, I can stash my purse, my laptop, my laptop charger, phone, makeup bag, clothing for a weekend and shoes. I’ve even put an umbrella and raincoat in there before. It has so many pockets, that everything has its own place. In all honesty, when I just put a few things in it, I tend to misplace things because there are so many little hiding places.  It’s even got a hidden yoga mat holder. I use it to carry around my wet raincoat. If Marry Poppin’s bag was real, this would be it folks.


What REALLY sold me on it was a review I found on the site. This genius woman informed me that although this bag can store your entire life, it is small enough to count as a “personal item” when flying. Do you know what that means packrats? You can take this bag AND a carryon item on most planes for free. You don’t have to check any luggage. I’m going to be testing this out in November. I’m flying to D.C. for  a girls weekend on “Frontier” Airlines. They are super crazy about their luggage and make you pay for a carry on. I’m going to put this baby to the test and try and stuff EVERYTHING for the weekend in my “personal” item. I’ll let you know how that goes. I’ve done a test run (because I’m anal and cheap like that) and everything fits. But who knows with airlines today.

One last little sidenote, The Kalya is made by ebags. Which means, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Now, I’ve never tested this warranty or their customer service out, but everything that I’ve read says they are great to work with. I read a review one woman posted that said the strap broke on one of her bags and so she contacted customer service. Apparently they stopped making the right buckle for her version of the bag, so she got a brand new bag. No questions asked. I’m ALL about that life.

Anyways, if you’ve got any questions about this crazy, awesome bag, let me know. As you can see, I honestly adore talking about it..

You can purchase the bag directly from or from Amazon. The bag retails for $59.99 on both sites.



  • odette

    Thanks for the review! I just purchased the bag and will get it Tuesday–I am super excited. I bought it in the color black on Amazon for 39.99, it a few dollars more on ebags. I need a bag that I can use for grad. classes, change of clothes for my internship and grad. assistantship. Initially, I bought a large Tosco tote and returned it after 4 day because the quality was super cheap. Also, that bag had no organization. My only concern is that the Kalya bag looks a little manly, are the pictures showing it more bulky and square-ish than it is?

    • Hi Odette!

      $39 is a great deal! The built in organization is fantastic. Also, I carry my bag almost everyday and I don’t think it looks overly manly. It’s only that square when its completely filled. It wraps around your body and bends a little more like a normal messenger bag when you’ve got room to spare. I hope you like it!

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