Product Review: OZZY PAWS Deluxe LED Dog Collar

Product Review: OZZY PAWS Deluxe LED Dog Collar

So, as I’ve told you guys before, our new dog Kidd is incredibly active. He’s very well behaved, but he requires a lot of exercise. We’re lucky enough to have a dog park about a mile away from us, but we usually just take him for jogs and walks.

IMG_0414 Because we usually take him at least twice a day, we often find ourselves walking him at night. Our streets aren’t very well lit in our neighborhood and many of them don’t have sidewalks. Our streets also don’t curve, so people tend to drive pretty fast. In my opinion, this is a recipe for disaster.

That’s why I bought the Ozzy Paws LED Dog Collar. It’s a dog collar that completely lights up, it’s not reflective, it’s LED and it’s $11.99 on Amazon. You can set it to 4 different settings (slow blinking, quick blinking, solid and off). It’s VERY easy to change between the settings, you just press a large button.


My dog has a 17.5″ neck and I purchased the large size in blue. The collar seems sturdy, but I don’t ever use for leash work. Kidd has a harness that we use for walks, so I’ve never actually tested it with a leash. We only put it on him at night too, so we haven’t truly tested it’s durability. We really just use it for the light – and it does a fantastic job at making Kidd visible.


I feel much more comfortable taking him out at night now. I like this so much better than a reflective leash or collar because it’s ALWAYS visible. I feel like the light has to hit reflective material just right and sometimes it’s too late. I still move way off to the side for moving cars, but at least I know they can see me.

  • We have a very similar collar in red for Gunner. I don’t use it for the leash either, but it is so helpful especially in the winter months when it’s dark before I even get home from work. That way I can see where he is in the park and also cars can see us when we are walking. I think it was definitely worth the purchase!

  • this is such a good idea! if i had a dog that i had to walk at night, i would totally get one.

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