Product Review: Xtava Professional 5-in-1 Curling Iron

Product Review: Xtava Professional 5-in-1 Curling Iron

When curling wands first came out, I happily switched over to them. Growing up I always used curling irons, but I loved the soft effortless look you can get from a wand. Unfortunately, when I moved, my beloved Remington curling wand got lost in the process. I reverted back to my hot tools iron and got used to using that again… but that died on Valentine’s Day.

Long story short, I was in need of some sort of curling tool. I searched amazon, but I really couldn’t decide if I wanted a wand or a curling iron. I also didn’t know what size barrel I wanted. It was a mess. Enter, the Xtava Professional Curling Iron.

IMG_6135Guys, it’s a curling iron and a wand. Have you ever seen such a thing? I’ve come across wands that have interchangeable barrel sizes, but never curling irons. And to have both? crazy. Best part, its only $39 and ships free.IMG_6131The set comes with 3 irons (1.25″, 1″, 0.75″) and two wands (1″-.075″, 0.75″-0.3″). I use the larger wand everyday (picture below) and have used the 1″ iron for more “put together” curls. The ceramic tourmaline barrels are easy to disconnect as long as you grip the base and right next to the locking feature. If you try and pull the actual barrel part, you’ll have issues.

full lace wigsIt heats up quickly and heats up to 410 degrees. I do wish there were different temperature settings, but in all honestly, I’m super inpatient and always put it on high anyways. The iron is ready to go in about a minute and I can curl my hair  systems with the large wand in about 5 minutes. I have super fine and baby thin hair… so it goes really quickly. I only have to hold the wand up for maybe 3 seconds each time. I would really suggest you use a heat protectant with this set. Because you are unable to set and control the temperature, you need to prepare your hair for extreme heat. I use Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer – you can get it for about $4.

IMG_6136This set does not come with a heat protectant glove, which I would really suggest getting. I have some from previous curling wands, so it’s not a big deal to me. There is no cool-touch area on the top of the irons like you’d normally find, so it’s easy to burn yourself.

I also use the glove with the wands because I like the wrap the ends around tightly. That way it’s curled through to the end. The heat resistant case it’s a huge plus, because I hate leaving my iron out on the counter. This way I can throw it back into the bag while it’s still cooling. It’s also great for traveling – even if you only bing one barrel, it’s still nice that you can pull them apart to save space. Speaking of traveling – it also features universal dual voltage so you can use it anywhere.

According to amazon, there is also an automatic shut off function. However, it didn’t say anything about this in the instructions that came with the set and I haven’t tested it out. I’m not about to leave my iron going on purpose.

All in all, it’s a great product that works for me, but if you don’t like to use your irons on a high setting, this isn’t the product for you. It goes to 410 degrees and it gets up there QUICKLY. It’s a great value at $39 if you want to be able to achieve a lot of different looks.

  • Your hair came out so pretty! That sounds like a pretty cool curling iron!