Project Boudoir Lansing

Project Boudoir Lansing

Last Thursday night I was attended a new event in Lansing. It was a lingerie fashion show/contest that was held at the Runway in Lansing. It was sponsored by Curvaceous (this AWESOME lingerie store in Old Town) and was a ton of fun.


There was a contest portion and then there was also a fashion show featuring designs sold at Curvaceous. A new local brewery provided the drinks and a local bakery provided delicious snacks to munch on. Everything was delicious.

I was very impressed with the pieces that were entered into the contest portion of the night. Apparently they had a mix of contestants from the local community college, MSU, and some were professional designers.

I don’t remember exactly what the prizes included, but I know they would sell the winning designs in the store, they got a photo shoot for publicity and access to the Runway to complete their line.
I went with two of my friends, Jacquelline and Maurica. It was our first girls night in quite some time and it was great to get to spend time with them. I hope they make this an annual event. It was something different to do and was a fantastic idea for a girls night out.

  • oh wow, what a fun event! the food looks delish, and you can’t beat a girls night :)

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