Restaurant Review: Athena’s Diner of Lansing

Restaurant Review: Athena’s Diner of Lansing

I read about a year ago in the City Pulse that a new Greek diner was coming to Lansing. It was set to occupy the building that formally housed Jon’s Country Burger; a fun and unique burger joint. I am a huge fan of greek food, so needless to say I was looking forward to giving Athena’s a shot.

IMG_4817I originally read that the restaurant was scheduled to open to May. However, when May rolled around, there was no Athena’s. Months passed and still no Athena’s. I kept the diner in the back of my mind, but I don’t find myself on that side of Lansing too often, so I couldn’t keep a close eye on it.

Then one morning, my dad and I were over that way and on the hunt for breakfast. I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Let me tell you what… it was worth the wait. We sat up and the counter and ordered breakfast. I went with the Greek Skillet. From our seats, we could see the cooks in the back and the food coming out in the window. Everything looked delicious. I was getting excited.


Our waitress (who I believe was the owners wife) talked with us and made us feel at ease. When she brought us our food, I really got excited. The skillet was absolutely gigantic and was overloaded with both feta and lamb. Normally when I order greek skillets, these two ingredients are incredibly hard to find. Athena’s doesn’t skimp.


The hashbrowns were crispy, the eggs were cooked to the perfect level so that they would run throughout the skillet and the dish wasn’t greasy. That’s normally my main complaint with diners. The grease. My stomach just can’t handle the grease. Usually about an hour later, I’ll be absolutely disgusted with myself.  Not this time. I was extremely full, but not regretful.

If you follow me on instagram, you probably know that I’ve gone back twice now. It’s out of the my way, but I think it’s worth the drive. The second time I went I tried their gyro supreme, which was absolutely the biggest gyro I have ever seen. I ordered it with fries too and I ate about a fourth of my food.

IMG_4809The third time I brought my boyfriend for breakfast. I told him we should split the greek skillet, but he didn’t believe me when I told him it would be enough food. So we ordered some French toast as well. It was some sort of cinnamon. It had raisins in it and it was delightful. I definitely snagged some of that.

So long story short, I’d obviously recommend Athena’s. It’s not the cheapest place you’ll go, but the portions are large, they don’t skimp on ingredients and it’s good. Can’t beat that.


  • Oh wow that looks like some pretty good diner food :) Thanks for sharing your photos, Sarah!

  • I just got done eating dinner and I’m no where near you but that looks DELISH.

  • Oooh, great review! I’ll definitely have to try this place next time I’m in Lansing! We usually don’t make it to the east side of the state too often, but this looks too good to miss! :)

    • You should! You should check out Golden Harvest too. That’s THE breakfast place around here :)


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