Running for Doughnuts & Booze: The Hard Cider Run

Running for Doughnuts & Booze: The Hard Cider Run

This saturday morning my friend Jacquelline and I ran our first 5k of the year. I did alright, but I’m definitely in worse shape than our last 5k in October. Hopefully I’ll be able to knock some time off for our next race, the Ride & Run at Cedar Point.

Anyways, back to the Hard Cider Run. It felt longer than 5 miles. But.. it was kind of a trail run. There was a lot of grass, dirt and sand. And hills. Oh the hills. You can see the course in the video below.

We tried to get a good photo before the race. Nobody likes closeups after you’ve gotten all sweaty and gross.

Ivan and Jacquelline boyfriend, Jordan came with us to cheer us on. I put Ivan on photography duty and hegot some pretty great shots.  I love this one of us doing warm up yoga. They had a yoga teacher there directing stretches and I really think it helped my breathing. I ran a bit faster than I have been and didn’t have as many problems with cramping. I still got one near the end, but I usually get one at around the 1.5 mile mark.

This was right before we started and I was trying to get my earbuds in. Excuse the weird hand placement. I also look like a giant. Jacquelline is just so tiny.

The morning ended with post race doughnuts and cider. We were at a Cider Mill after all. When in Rome guys, when in Rome.

  • They should have this race in the fall when it is actually cider and donut season. Although I suppose that might be the point…to bring people to the cider mill in the off season. Regardless it sounds like a fun race!

    I am still kicking myself for not signing up for Ride & Run. You can just swing by Ann Arbor on your way and pick me up, right?

    • Yeah, it wasn’t put on by the actual cider mill, it’s a company that is doing a bunch of races across the US… so i think we just drew the short straw. We had to go first. But.. there is one in Grand Rapids in August if you are interested :) And YES. the Run & Ride. I’m so excited. It’s such a good deal. I seriously contemplated getting the two day tickets (it’s only $15 more), but I figured I’d be pretty exhausted by Sunday.

  • I love the video of the race! It totally had me mesmerized haha. I bet the grass, dirt, and hills made it for a pretty tough run!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • Well, it was tough for me lol. I’m not used to it. I avoid hills at all costs. And I typically run on pavement.

  • I love the name of this race :) I will always run faster for doughnuts! Congrats!

    • yeah, doughnuts are a good incentive. You had the option of picking one up during the run at the water tables… but there is no way I’d be able to run while eating lol

  • This looks like such a fun race! I saw it all over Facebook, but never ended up signing up for it. Love the pre-race yoga :)