7 Safety Tips For Solo Runners

7 Safety Tips For Solo Runners

7 tipsRunning alone can be a fantastic, exciting and empowering thing. I prefer to run alone; there is just something about being out there by yourself that is so relaxing. That being said, you’ve got to take some safety precautions. After all, there are crazies out there you guys.

1. Let Someone Know Where You’re Going
It’s important to let somebody know where you’re going and how long you plan on being gone. If something were to happen, you need somebody to realize you’re missing.  I use this app called Road ID to let my boyfriend and mother track my run. My mom is a huge fan of being able to spy on me. You just open the app and enter your estimated workout length. You then have the option to send your emergency contacts (up to 5 people) a text that allows them to track your run. If at any point during your workout are stationary for 5 minutes the app sends another text out to those people.IMG_6822

2. Carry Pepper Spray
I know that carrying things on a run is uncomfortable, but you really should keep pepper spray on you – even if you are running in your own neighborhood. There are sprays that come with a strap that wraps around your hand so it’s right in your palm during your run. Personally, I hate carrying thing in my hands while I run. Right now I just put my pepper spray in my flipbelt, but I just ordered the Little Viper. It’s a sleek, silicone bracelet that has a built in pepper spray. It’s probably the coolest / most convenient pepper spray I’ve never seen.

3. Take Your Cellphone
I have my cellphone with me on every run. I keep it tucked into my flipbelt where it’s nice and secure. If you’re running in a new place, it’s easy to get turned around. You can easily find your way back with the gps on your phone. Plus, if you were to get hurt, you can call someone to come get you.

4. Turn Your Music Down 
I know, I know, you’re not supposed to listen to music while running. It’s much safer to listen to what’s going on around you. I just can’t run in silence. I always have my music on, but I keep it really low. I can still hear what’s going on around me, which is the important part.

5. Run Against Traffic
I’m surprised more people don’t know this. I was running with my boyfriend the other day and had to constantly tell him to get back on the other side of the road. You should always run against traffic when there aren’t sidewalks. That way you can see the cars coming and you have more time to get out of the way.

6. Carry a Form of Identification
You should have some sort of ID on you when you run too. If something were to happen to you, it’s much easier for the cops / hospital to treat you if they know who you are. Also, did you know that you can set your iphone up to display emergency contacts and health information? It’s a setting in Apple Heath. When you click to make an emergency call (which you can do with a locked phone) it will also display all your vital health information and emergency contacts.


7. Change Up Your Route / Schedule
If you can, you should vary the time of day you go running. If not, you should at least make sure you don’t take the same route daily. I know it’s easy to get into a rhythm, but it’s also easy for someone to memorize your schedule.

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  • I’ve very recently started running, and I do run alone right now. Part of my route, right now, is through a wooded park. Every time I run through I start playing Criminal Minds episodes in my head. Love your tips and the apps – which I didn’t know about. Thanks!

    • I run through a little wooded area too and it freaks me out every time. It’s sad that it has to be that way.

  • That app that lets people track your running, just in case, is so smart! And I used to walk on the wrong side of the road until I started dating my husband. Don’t know why I didn’t realize that sooner!

    • Yeah, I like the app a lot. It doesn’t appear to be a big drain on my phone battery either.

  • These are great tips, not that I am a solo runner, or a runner at all, but even just in life, it’s good to let people know where you are going, and make sure you have a form of self defense, and have vital health information on your person.

  • love these tips – i try and take different routes, it’s hard though in my boring neighbourhood. i need that pepper spray in my life!
    i prefer to run in silence or with an audiobook – i used to listen to music but i had it up so loud one day that i couldn’t hear a dog barking and running after me and he almost took my leg off – okay, slight exaggeration but still. i prefer to hear what’s going on haha

    • yeah, it’s definitely better to run in silence. I just get so bored! I have to have SOMETHING going, so I do my best to keep it turned down.

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