September in Snapshots

September in Snapshots

September has been an exciting month. Our etsy shop is really starting to take off, football season has begun, I started to attempt to learn Spanish and I made the decision to come back to blogging. Here are some highlights from my month September. What exciting things have you done this past month? I’ve been busier than I ever have before, but that’s the way I like it :)

Ivan and I at the first MSU tailgate of the year. Go Green!

Spending the day with Jacquelline at “Painting with a Twist”

September Snapshots

Babysitting one of my nephews, an English Bulldog named “Hank”IMG_3825

Applepicking. Of course I ended up in a tree. Because I’m really 5 years old.26

Babysitting my other nephew, Miles. DSCF1456

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