Sweaty Beats

Sweaty Beats

A big part of working out for me is music. Whether I’m at the gym or jogging, I need to have my headphones plugged in. Without music, I get bored and end up giving in to ending my workout early.

I’m always on the lookout for new music to add to my playlists because after awhile songs get overused. You’ve got to keep changing it up to keep yourself on your toes.

So I’m wondering what you all listen to while working out. Here is my current playlist – I keep it on shuffle when I run. I’d love to hear what tracks help you get your determination on.

5 thoughts on “Sweaty Beats

  1. i’m the opposite, i prefer nothing or an audiobook when i workout. though sometimes i randomly feel like music, and some of the songs i listen to are on your list! beyonce, kelly clarkson. i listen to a lot of taylor swift or old school britney lol. anything thats peppy and fun.
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