The gold Cup Quarterfinals: USA vs Cuba

The gold Cup Quarterfinals: USA vs Cuba

Last Saturday we drove to Baltimore for the Gold Cup quarterfinals. The U.S. was playing Cuba and Ivan was really excited about getting a chance to see them live.

1I have to say, it was pretty incredible. I’ve never been a huge soccer fan, but I certainly enjoyed myself. They actually had the Gold Cup on display and I made Ivan take some pictures with me. He’s such a good sport with photos. I know he hates it, but he always does it anyways.

The US absolutely dominated Cuba, which was good… but a close game is always more entertaining. It’s too bad they choked in the semifinals. What WAS that?


We were talking about going to the finals, but now that the US is out we don’t really see the point. It’s definitely something I’m glad I did and hopefully we can go again in the future. The stadium was really nice too. It’s where the Ravens play. We also spotted the Oriole Park while we were there. It was absolutely gorgeous – I’m definitely going to have to figure out a time to go see a baseball game there. Has anyone ever been?