The Ultimate Reusable Shopping Bag: Baggu Review

The Ultimate Reusable Shopping Bag: Baggu Review

I’ve been collecting reusable shopping bags for quite a while. I’ve used them at Aldi’s for years and I used them everywhere in DC last summer because you get charged in the district for plastic bags. Now that we’re settled in Alexandria, I’ve been using them everywhere once again. They don’t charge for plastic bags in Virginia, but everyone here is very conscious of recycling and it’s just plain easier when you’re walking. Plastic bags aren’t very big and they aren’t very strong. Nobody likes carrying a lot of groceries in and having things fall out of the bottom of the bag.

The random bags I had collected over the years needed and upgrade, so I took to amazon in search of the perfect bag. I wanted something that folded up easily, something strong, something large and something pretty. I found that all with Baggu.


The standard baggu can fit up to 3 groceries bags worth of stuff and 50 lbs of cargo. It folds up so easily and fits right in my purse (5×5 when folded). I keep my two bags in my purse at all times because they are so lightweight.



They come in a variety of colors and are constructed incredibly well. They are washable and durable. The wide handles make them comfortable to carry and very sturdy. I’ve had bags in the past that dig into your shoulders when they are loaded down with items. Not with Baggu.


I use them mainly for grocery shopping, but these would be fantastic for traveling too. I can’t get over how easily they fold back up into their bags. The only problem I have with them is that the cover isn’t attached to the bag. I will probably lose it at some point, but it hasn’t been an issue yet. I just toss it into the bottom of the bag when I open itbob wig

Honestly, if you’re going to get reusable bags, try out Baggu. They typically run $9 on amazon, but they have plenty of colors / patterns that are $7 right now (like my leaf green bags!). I bought one and then immediately bought another when I got a chance to see it for myself.

  • My hubby & I are very eco-consious and always bring our own bags… which are desperate need of replacing and these look awesome. Love the colour you picked + how fab they easily fold up too! Will check them out!! Happy weekend, girly! xo

  • i LOVE my baggu bag. i use it for travelling, never thought to use it for groceries but that is so smart!

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