Thoughts I Have While Doing Cardio

Thoughts I Have While Doing Cardio


So the past year or so I’ve really tried to up my fitness game. I don’t claim to be a fitness guru or a health nut; I simply like being small and I like to eat. Which means, I have to work out. Do I like working out? No. I don’t. I enjoy the feeling I get after I workout, but during the workout, I despise it.

I have a feeling the majority of the people out there feel me on this one. So here is a list of the things that fly through my brain while doing cardio. It’s usually something like this:

1. Okay, Let’s do this. We can do this. 30 minutes, no problem.
2. See. this is easy. Wooohoo 10 calories. Just like that.
3. Buh bye belly.
4. Maybe I should slowdown. This is starting to get hard.
5. It’s really only been 3 minutes? OH MY GOD.
6. I hate people.
7. How is that old man still going? He’s burned 345 calories?
8. Don’t let that old man beat you. pick it up.
9. Maybe I should watch the tv. That will distract me.
10. Should I be watching the food network? …. they are making mac & cheese.
11. I want mac & cheese.
13. ugh. I shouldn’t be watching this. I’ll turn the music back on.
14. 43 calories? Thats like an apple. I hate life.
15. Oh. This is my jam. I can pick it up to this.
16. Step to the beat. step to the beat.
17. nope. nope. That’s too fast.
18. I should just stop at 20 minutes. That’s good enough.
19. But that old man is STILL going.
20. 30. That’s it. You’re doing 30 minutes Sarah.
21. This sucks ass.
22. Why is that girl wearing makeup? We’re at the GYM.
23. She’s clearly not working out hard. I’m so much better at working out. Look at me sweating.
24. But she’s tiny. How is that fair?
25. 5 minutes left. You can do this.
26. I just want some pizza right now. That’s all I want.
27. Maybe someone will want to go get dinner with me after this.
28. I’ve earned it right?
29. 2 minutes.
30. Finish strong.
31. Just kidding, slow it down. I’ll finish strong with 30 seconds left.
32. How many calories was that? 270? really?
33. what is that worth? a tortilla? two tortillas?
34. I want mexican food for dinner.
35. oh crap. 30 seconds left. FINISH STRONG.
36. Okay, that was so bad. I should come back in the morning.
37. Or maybe tomorrow night? I could go every other day.

So kudos to all those out there who feel like I do while working out. Congratulations for continuing sticking to it, even though its terrible.

  • Haha…this totally sounds like me!

  • Hilarious! Working out DOES suck!
    Thanks for stopping in!

  • Oh my god! You made laugh so hardly! This is amazing! A long time passed since my last visit of the gym! I really have to go there, again.

  • AAAAHAHAHAHAHA! I literally LOL’ed!!! I can totally relate to this!! It’s insane!! Well done for keeping up the hard work though! xx

  • hilarious! definitely thought all of these when i went to the gym.
    especially step to the beat step to the beat. need to get back into cardio again.

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