Thrifty Threads Thursday: Blazer of glory

Thrifty Threads Thursday: Blazer of glory

So I went thrifting again! Surprise, surprise, right? I hit a local Goodwill and a VOA on Sunday. I don’t normally stop in the VOA, because I hate how they organize everything. It’s by color, not by size. But I had some spare time to kill, so I stopped in. Boy am I glad I did. I spent $17 and got two blazers, a jacket and a shirt. They had this new section called “women’s better”. I don’t know how they decide what goes in the “Better” section, but I found quite a few pieces there. I think they just mean “more expensive”. This blazer was in the regular section though. It was only $1.99. Nothing I bought was on sale, but still, I think I did pretty good.

4I picked up this express skirt from Goodwill for $3.99 that same day. The scarf was gifted but I believe it came from zulily. And the boots.. well if you’ve been here before, you know all about my rain boots. They were purchased from [amazon text=Amazon&asin=B00AHAKZU8].

Blazer (thrifted) $1.99 | Tank Top (Meijer) $5 | Express Skirt (thrifted) $3.99 | Steve Madden Fleece Leggings (TJ Maxx) $4 | Dirty Laundry Boots ([amazon text=Amazon&asin=B00AHAKZU8]) $40 | Scarf (gifted – zulily?)

Grand Total: 54.98 (14.98 without the boots!)

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  1. Hi Sarah! This is an amazing outfit and you have such an eye for thrifting! I always get slightly overwhelmed by the racks and end up just giving up, but this outfit has shown me that I need to just suck it up and keep searching because you definitely found some amazing gems!

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