Thrifty Threads Thursday: Neutrals

Thrifty Threads Thursday: Neutrals

I’ve been doing my best to closet purge. I’ve really been thinking about every purchase I make; trying to decide if I’ll wear it often enough to buy it. When I buy an item I like to think about all the different ways I can wear it and what I already have that I can pair with it. I belong to the Kate Middleton school of fashion; reuse, reuse, reuse.

Because of this practice, I end up with a lot of neutrals. I love neutrals. I think they are incredibly classic and you can easily mix and match them to create countless outfits. I’ve got a block of black, tan, grey and white. I do have some bold pieces, but for the most part they are relatively plain – I don’t have too many patterns.

This outfit is an example of my neutrals collection. The black boots pants and tank are all what I would call staples. The sweater is also incredibly neutral; I’ve paired it with many different things and have even worn it over dresses. It’s from my sister’s sister-in-law’s (follow me?) clothing line Trybe. It was gifted from my sister and I just adore it.45 7


The purse I just picked up from amazon. I wanted to get a small crossbody bag that I could take with me while traveling. It’s much bigger than I expected (I didn’t read the dimensions…), but I really love it. I’ve decided to use it for everyday. It’s got a ton of pockets. It was $12.68 and it’s real leather. I might order a few more colors.

Sweater: Trybe Gifted | Jeans: Max Jeans $15 | Boots: Amazon $41 | Purse: Amazon $12.68 | Total: 68.68

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