Thrifty Threads Thursday: The One With Sarah’s Boots

Thrifty Threads Thursday: The One With Sarah’s Boots


Polka Dot Blouse – Forever 21 – (thrifted) – $3.99
Black Skirt (thrifted) – $3.99
Belt (thrifted) – $1
Boots (Dirty Laundry) – $41
Outfit Total: $49.98

This one barely fits under the $50 outfit mark, but it’s because of the boots. Oh how I love the boots. Guys, let me tell you about the boots. You know that episode of Friends, “The One With Monica’s Boots”? Where she buys these super expensive, yet incredible boots and she justifies it by saying she’ll wear them ALL THE TIME? That’s how I feel about these boots. Not that they are insanely expensive, but that they’ll never come off my feet.

The first day I wore them they started to hurt my feet a little and I had a Monica Geller flashback. But, I am stubborn and kept wearing them and now I am completely in love with them. They are fitted rain boots, which I’m really digging. It’s been cold and rainy here lately and I’ve been wearing them everyday.


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  • You look adorable in that polka dot top!!
    Red Reticule

  • Kat

    Love those boots! I don’t own any rain boots, but I’ve been wanting some so bad lately!

    • I know! I kept seeing all these cute boots on pinterest and just decided I NEEDED some. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  • I bought a pink pair of Hunter’s earlier this year but these make me wish I had gone with the black! Super cute outfit.

  • Haha this is GREAT. Those boots look so good on you, as does the whole outfit. (I didn’t watch Friends while it aired but I’ve been considering it lately!) I’m just so impressed with how thrifty this outfit is, Sarah!

  • haha I love that you referenced that friends episode! I know exactly what you mean though, and have definitely had the same justification for a pair of my boots!
    These look super cute on you and I love the price tag of the look! Great work!


  • great look!! love the boots!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  • Darcy

    Super cute! Loving the friends reference, too!

  • Love polka dots, and the all black outfit makes your hair color look so illustrious~ and yay for nice wellies (esp. under $50!)! & I LOVE all references to Friends. I got my hair cut the other day, and I swear I came out with Rachel Greene’s hair circa 2000.

    Dear Sunny Vintage

  • hahaha, love this post! I so remember that episode as well. Great look and beautiful boots. Thank you for joining the Thrift Sisters link up.

    Thrifting Diva

  • love love love that episode!! haha!! Love this outfit, very chic and it looks comfortable!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Tremendous Tuesday!

    hugs! Amber