Thrifty Threads Thursday: The Elusive White Pants

Thrifty Threads Thursday: The Elusive White Pants

So I’m obsessed with thrifting. I love clothes, shoes, bags and THINGS. But, I don’t like paying full price for to stock my closet. I never have and I never will. I’d go broke so fast it’s not even funny. So, I go thrifting. There is something exciting about finding the PERFECT thing in a sea of random items. I went to a local goodwill after work the other day, hoping to find a blue skirt suit for my halloween costume, but I didn’t find one. I did find some amazing things though.

I got this beautiful dark teal Gap cardigan for $3.99. I also picked up these white American Eagle skinnies for $3.99. I’ve been on the lookout for white pants for years. I must have tried on 50 different pairs. They are always see-through and I’m just not about that life. Well what do you know, the $3.99 pants are not see-through.

thrift2Can we talk about how I look like a floating giant in this picture? Oh well. I clearly have yet to master this whole “selfie” thing. I’ll leave you with a mirror shot, where I look like my normal 5’3″ self.
thriftOne more. So clearly I cannot work a self timer. This one is purely for your own enjoyment. At least you can see the actual color of my sweater in this shot of my back. And see? no underwear lines. Score.


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