Tiny Kitchen Tools: Kelsey Nixon’s 3 Blade Compact Grater

Tiny Kitchen Tools: Kelsey Nixon’s 3 Blade Compact Grater

I am a bit of a kitchen tool hoarder. I love all of my little gadgets and gizmos, but I’ve been trying to pare down my collection. We’ll be moving to DC soon and I know that space will be limited. I was is need of a zester, so I thought it would be a good idea to try out Kelsey Nixon’s compact 3 Blade Grater. It’s made specifically for small spaces and comes with 3 interchangeable blades. This is fantastic because when you are dealing with a small space you want things that have more than one use.

The grater comes with 3 separate blades – two of what I consider zesters  (citrus peels, ginger, etc.) and one grater (cheese, cabbage, etc.). You can use this grater two different ways. You can attach it to the container and grate/zest on the counter or you can hold the handle right over the bowl.

I’ve used this grater quite a few times and there are things I like about it and there are things I dislike about it. First of all, mine was missing one of the silicone grips when it arrived. It’s supposed to have four grips that keeps the container steady when you are grating into it. Mine never moves, even with three grips, so it’s not that big of a deal. They do come off though and I’m worried that I will end up losing more. I’ve also broken off one of the clips that keeps the small zester blade in place. There are four plastic tabs that snap the blades in and one has broken off. Because you grate horizontally, the pressure you are applying keeps the blade from moving, even though it’s broken. That being said, I’m not impressed with the quality of it. It broke within a month of getting it and it was pretty cheap plastic. I would not be surprised if more of the tabs break off.

Even with those issues, I still really like this grater. It’s dishwasher safe, it stores easily within a kitchen drawer and the blades are very sharp. It’s easy to use and works well. I’d suggest getting it if you are in need of a zester or grater, just be aware that you will probably break the tabs off at some point.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESYou can only buy items from Kelsey’s collection from the Home Shopping Network. It’s currently listed at $29.95, but I paid something like $14 for mine. They go on sale every time Kelsey’s on the show and they offer coupon codes to new buyers. That’s how I got mine so cheap – I bought a coffee grinder at the same time and used the $20 off of a $40 purchase for new customers code.

And… just in case you want to see it, here is the HSN presentation. Any other HSN fans out there? I have a shameless love for infomercials. Plus, I love Kelsey. I saw her when she was on the Next Food Network Star years ago and have been following her ever since. She’s just so adorable.

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