Two Months Later: The Martha Stewart Dutch Oven

Two Months Later: The Martha Stewart Dutch Oven

A few months ago I picked up a new Martha Stewart Dutch Oven. I had been rocking the 5 qt. Calphalon Signature Dutch Oven for over a year and I was ready for an upgrade. The calphalon pot has taken it’s fair share of abuse, I was using it for almost every meal. It was a good pot, but it didn’t really heat evenly and didn’t have that heavy bottom you look for in dutch ovens.

I had read a review on the Martha Stewart Dutch Ovens and decided to keep an eye out for a sale. I got a 6 quart round version for just under $60 and I have to say, I’m very happy with it. It heats evenly, hold the heat well and is incredibly easy to clean.

I will say that I baby the crap out of it because I’m afraid of damaging it. I did chip the edge of the top – but that was completely my fault. I normally leave it on the stove, but I had moved it to use the burners and I smacked a bottle of hot sauce on the edge of the lid. It’s just a tiny little chip, but I know it’s there and it bothers me. I can turn it around so I don’t see it, but… it still makes me sad.

I did have some stubborn marks on the bottom of the pot from my electric burners (yuck, I know).I made a paste out of baking soda and water and let it sit for a bit and I didn’t even have to scrub it. I just washed right off about 10 minutes later.

Also, just fyi… it is not dishwasher safe and they recommend that you only heat it on low and medium. Like I said before, it holds heat really well, so you can still use it for frying and browning meat. It is also oven safe up to 500 degrees.

I use this pot for just about everything. I brown meat in it, I make pasta, stews, soups, rice, chicken… it’s incredibly versatile. I can’t really compare it to a Le Creuset, because I’ve never had one. It was completely out of my budget and I honestly never even considered getting one. I will say that the Martha Stewart version has exceeded my expectations and I use it daily. Plus it comes in so many great colors! I went with a classic white, but they have 9 colors to choose from. I’d definitely recommend it, but I would wait until they go on sale. They are listed on the Macy’s website for $179 and like I said, I paid $60. I’m sure it’s worth the $180, but why pay that when you don’t have to?

  • wow, you got a great deal! i have a lodge dutch oven and i really like it, but i have only ever used it in the oven so i don’t know how it works on top of the stove. i’m sorry about the tiny chip, that would make me sad as well.

    • My boyfriend kept telling me to relax, that nobody would notice. He’s right… but still. ugh. It’s funny because I kept telling him, “DO NOT TOUCH THAT. YOU WILL BREAK IT”…and then I broke it. The same thing happened to our bar cart. Its got glass shelves and I was SURE he’d break it.. and then a I hung a light up bar sign above it that fell and crashed right through the top shelf.

  • So great to read your review, I’m in the market for a new dutch oven and I’ve been curious to know how the Martha Stewart line holds up & performs. Also, hello, smokin’ deal. Lucky lady!! xo

    PS – Your print shop?! So darling!!

    Girl & Closet

    • I love mine. when I saw it for $60, I swooped in. And thank you, I have fun with the etsy stuff :)