Weekend Recap: A Night in Charlevoix

Weekend Recap: A Night in Charlevoix

This weekend Ivan and I attended a wedding in the ever lovely and ever charming Charlevoix. If you’ve never been to the Lake Michigan coastline, I highly recommend it.

Ivan knew the groom from his teaching days in Arizona. It’s actually a kind of funny story – he and his girlfriend (now wife!) moved down to Arizona for teaching jobs after college. Now Ivan’s in Michigan for law school. I’d never met either of them before, but they were great people. Plus their wedding was beautiful.


It was in a rustic barn and the entire thing looked like it was straight off of my wedding pinterest board. Lots of string lights, mason jars & rustic charm. There was even a sparkler sendoff. Ivan and I even accidentally wore the bridal party colors – I had a navy blue dress and he wore a dark grey suit.

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It was too bad that we couldn’t stay a day longer, because I would have loved to show Ivan around Charlevoix. He hasn’t really had the opportunity to see the truly beautiful parts of Michigan yet. I want him to fall in love with Michigan so that he never wants to leave. As it is, he’s got a bad taste in his mouth from the ridiculous winters we’ve been having.

Anyways, back on track. Sunday we made the 3.5 hour drive back home and I did some cleaning. We picked up Kidd from our friends house – it was the first time we’ve left him. I hated leaving him, but thankfully a couple of friends took our baby in. I didn’t have to heart to send him to a boarder. We’ve only had him since the beginning of August and I didn’t want him to have to go back to that kennel type atmosphere. He apparently missed us terribly (I’m sure I missed him more) and I never want to leave him again.

Kidd enjoys winding down on Sunday too. #dogsofinstagram #dogs #pointermix #furbaby #sundaynight #straightchillin

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  • Sounds like a fun weekend! Stopping by from the link up.

  • Darcy

    Fun pictures! Hope you had fun at the wedding!

  • We stopped by Charlevoix on our Michigan road trip and loved it! Such a cute city. :)

    • isn’t it? I’m so bummed that Ivan didn’t get to see it during the day. We drove through town on the way to and from the wedding, but we didn’t get to really check it out. Hopefully we’ll make it back up there when the leaves start to change. That’s when it’s REALLY gorgeous.

  • Don’t you just love a good wedding? The gorgeous venues, the food, the music, the celebration… the alcohol. I love it all!

  • I have never been to Michigan. . .one of these days! That wedding looks lovely!

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