Weekend Recap: Dog Days & Birthdays

Weekend Recap: Dog Days & Birthdays

I loved this weekend. I mean, I always love the weekends, but this weekend was especially fun. I kicked off Friday night by attending this fun event at the MSU Broad Art Museum with my friend Jacquelline. I’ll post a full recap of this tomorrow, but it was a free Happy Hour that included pizza, desserts & champagne. We also had access to the art, which was cool.


Then later that night I met up again with Jacquelline for a girls night. Her mom and two of her moms friends were in town staying with Jacquelline so we all met up for a night out in Lansing. We took them to all our favorite Lansing bars (the Tin Can, Duke’s Saloon & the Nuthouse) and just enjoyed each others company.

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Then Saturday I spent some quality time with the Kiddo. First I took him to the dog park where he wreaked havoc like always. He’s not exactly bad, he just gets so excited. He loves to run and jump and play and the other dogs don’t always want to take any part in it. Plus he’s currently in this humping stage. It’s not fun. He doesn’t hump objects – just other dogs. We’re working on it.

After that we headed over to Petco to get hid doggy paw print made. They were doing this free activity where they make a little clay plate with your dogs print. We also picked up some training treats for his obedience class that we’re starting on Monday.


Next we headed over to the Four Paws Dog Bakery for their grand opening. He (by he, I mean I) picked out some fun football treats and a Maple Bacon dog ice cream mix. Apparently you add water to it and freeze it. We tried it out that night and he LOVED it. We only gave him a small scoop, so it will be nice to have on hand as a special treat. We also won one of the grand opening raffle prizes – a new leash. It’s a big step up from the cheap one we had. That one was a cheap $5 one we purchased from the place we adopted Kidd. We weren’t planning on getting a dog that day, so we weren’t super prepared for him.

Sunday I got up bright and early to get my run in because I had a birthday party to attend later on. The little girl I used to nanny for is turning 7 in a few weeks and they had a surprise party for her. They dropped her off with me at about 10:30 and then I brought her to the park where they had her party at 1. IMG_1877

It was an “artist” theme and as always, it was super adorable. Her mom always goes all out with the planning and this year was no exception.

IMG_1878 IMG_1879 IMG_1893

There was also this super cool bird there. Her name is Indigo and she’s 18. She’s pretty cool. Here she is munching on a hotdog bun. She was not a fan of mustard. IMG_1890After the party I headed over to the grocery store. I got SOME of my shopping done for the week, but still need to make a trip to Aldi’s later in the week. I’m trying to stick to a budget of $60 a week for the two of us (see my meal plan & shopping list from last week) and I spent about $45 at meijer. That leaves me $15 for the last few items I need at Aldi’s. I would have had a lot more money to play with, but Ivan called me while I was at the store and wanted some turkey burgers and turkey brats. Which were NOT in my meal plan for the week, but I had room in the budget and we like to keep frozen turkey burgers on hand for times when he has to feed himself :) So, that’s where the extra $11 I had in my budget went.

I’ll post our meal plan for the week and a shopping recap again on Sunday. I don’t know if this is interesting to you guys at all, but it helps keep me accountable. Plus I like the fact that I can pull my recaps up and get inspiration for budget friendly meals we’ve tried and liked in the past.

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  • Darcy

    Sounds fun! Love the idea of making a paw print!

    • It was actually pretty difficult to get him to sit nicely in the store long enough to do it. He’s a bit a spazz. So it turned out a bit lopsided, but I still love it :)

  • Pizza, dessert & champagne? Switch out the champagne for beer & that’s my kind of event :)

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