Weekend Recap: Snowstorms & Superbowls

Weekend Recap: Snowstorms & Superbowls

I am writing this recap from bed today. We’re officially snowed in. Our city has declared a “snow-mergency” and we cannot go anywhere. Work has been cancelled, law school has been delayed and all the government buildings have been closed. I love snow days.

IMG_6019This weekend was full of great food. On Friday I went out to dinner with one of my best friends, Jacquelline. We hadn’t seen each other in almost two months, which was heartbreaking. Before this, I don’t think we’d ever gone longer than a week apart. So Friday was date night. We headed over to the Olive Garden where they are running their $12.99 for course meal special. Have you heard about this? You get soup or salad, breadsticks, a personal appetizer, an entree and a dessert for $12.99. It was amazing. I didn’t even make it through half of my food. I got the risotto bites as an appetizer (which I finished) and the cheese tortellini with meat sauce for dinner. I only ate two tortellinis and boxed the rest up. Had to save room for dessert you know.IMG_6008IMG_6007Then on Saturday, we took Ivan’s truck in to get a remote starter installed. My parents bought him one for christmas and we finally found the time to take it in. He loves it. He’s not a big fan of these Michigan winters and is really digging the fact that his car will be all warm and toasty when he wants to go somewhere.IMG_6013I also made pupusas on Saturday for the first time. There is a local food truck, El Oasis that serves these babies. They are so freaking good. They are also surprisingly easy to make. Have you ever had one? It’s basically a corn tortilla stuffed with cheese. IMG_6011Sunday was Superbowl Sunday, so I made a gigantic platter of nachos. Sorry, I forgot to snap a pick. Ivan and his roommate had a bunch of people over to watch the game and there was so much food to go around. I’m still stuffed from everything.

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  • I have never experienced a snow day – but it just looks awesome!
    Jaw dropped when i read $12.99 for a four course meal! Serious?!?! How can they do that and make money?
    Keep warm and enjoy your day off!

    • It was delicious. And snow days? I just LOVE snowdays. You don’t get many as adults, so when they happen, it’s a big deal. The whole area shutdown yesterday :)

  • I did not know about this amazing deal at Olive Garden! I need to go eat now lol. Here in the north east we are snowed in but unfortunately I only had a delay at work today, only to get an email after a few hours of working that we are all leaving early due to everything icing up, go figure haha.


    • hahaha what a waste! They should have just let you stay home :) And yes! Go to the Olive Garden, it was all so good :)

  • I have to tell you that I’m kind of jealous of your weather. I could really go for a snow day right now but since there’s not one coming my way, you’ll just have to live it up for me!! Those risotto bites look DELISH and I would totally go for the remote startup… especially if I lived in MI. Keep warm and enjoy some time off!!

    • Yeah, snow can be fantastic. It’s also a hassle though. And yes, Ivan loves the remote starter. He used it this morning and looked like a kid in a candy store.

  • I’m so jealous of your snow day! We haven’t seen any down here in SC yet but I’m holding out hope that we’ll get at least one good snow!

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