Weekend Recap: Spartan Spirit

Weekend Recap: Spartan Spirit

How about them Spartans, huh? It’s been an exciting weekend here in MSU land. We’ve made it to the final 4 once again. East Lansing was absolutely buzzing last night. I just love March Madness, it’s always so exciting around here.

Speaking of Spartan spirit, I bought the coolest thing over the weekend. I was able to get my hands on a set of seats from the first row of Spartan Stadium. My parents also bought two sets, so here they are pictured with their seats.


Ivan and I are planning on putting our seats out by our fire pit, but I don’t know what my parents are doing with theirs. I don’t think they know; they just knew they wanted them.

When I wasn’t cheering on State this weekend, I was researching apartments in D.C. We’re having a heck of a time nailing down exactly what we want. We want to be in Arlington, because it’s such a short commute for Ivan and one of my oldest friends lives there. We even pinned down a building we’d like to be in, but finding the exact apartment is proving difficult.

The problem is it’s a co-op, so the pricing and interiors of the units are all different. We’ve found a few that we like, but the dates they are offering aren’t ideal. We’re trying to get something for 3 months, around May 10th – August 10th. I know we’ll find something, but I’m very impatient about this kind of thing.

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