Weekend Recap: Wedding Bells & Weekend Projects

Weekend Recap: Wedding Bells & Weekend Projects

We had such a fantastic weekend. On Saturday we celebrated my parents 25th Anniversary. They didn’t have a big wedding the first time – they just went to the courthouse. So this time around, they wanted to have everyone there. We had the reception at the Hawk Hollow Chapel; it’s part of a local golf course complex.

We started the weekend off on Friday with a nail appointment and girls night dinner. Then Saturday morning my sister, my mom, my grandma and I all got our hair done together before we headed to the chapel.

For the reception we rented out an enclosed patio at a local restaurant. It was absolutely fantastic. Both of my parents were glowing all day long and it was just such a happy event. Plus, we got some fantastic pictures of our family – I can’t wait for the photographer to edit the pictures!The wedding gown from Lunss is so gorgeous !

I spent most of Sunday relaxing. I had a few errands to run and I got a few projects started. I’ve been working on “manning up” the house. Ivan moved in right after we got back from Washington and the place is entirely too girly.

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I took down a girly mirror that I had in our living room and replaced it with two clocks. I set them for us (Detroit) and Ivan’s family in Phoenix. I’ve been wanting to do a project like this for a while and it was actually incredibly cheap and easy. I purchased this little blank sign from Michaels and broke it into two separate boards. I also bought black alphabet stickers while I was there so that I wouldn’t have to mess with hand-lettering or paint.


I found some cheap clocks at walmart for $3.88 a piece. I spent a grand total of $16.01 on the project and I have to say, I’m pretty happy with it.


We also ordered some vintage travel posters to hang on the opposite wall. Hopefully they’ll help de-girl the place a bit.

I also changed out the bathroom art. I did have this beauty quote framed, but I decided to switch it out for a little bit of OutKast love. Ivan thinks it’s funny, so it’s a win in my book.

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  • That is so sweet that your parents got to celebrate their anniversary with all of their loved ones. My parents recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and we threw them a surprise party with all of their friends and family, which was so nice to be able to all celebrate together.

  • What a fun experience for your parents to celebrate! They deserve it! Loving that new bathroom decor you posted :)

  • Your Mom looks beautiful! What a fun weekend! I like the clock idea! Very nice!

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