Weekend Snapshots: Run & Ride 5K at Cedar Point

Weekend Snapshots: Run & Ride 5K at Cedar Point

I’ve got two words to describe this past weekend. Exciting and Exhausting. 4 of my friends and I drove down to Cedar Point for the Run & Ride 5k. We drove down friday night and then got up bright and early for the race.

As you can see, we had a bit of fun with my new camera. You can control it with my phone, so we took some high tech selfies before bed.

The 5k began at 7:45 Saturday morning and it was incredibly hot. At that point it was already at about 70% humidity and 82 degrees.

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Here is the only picture taken of team “Run Like the Winded” that day. This was a pre-race photo and absolutely nobody wanted to take any post race photos. We were way too sweaty for any photo ops.



Right after the race, we began our busy day in the park. The temperatures climbed all the way up to 98 degrees and it just took every once of energy out of me. I must have drank 9 bottles of water that day. Plus, because it was so hot, I didn’t really feel like eating.

Despite the sweltering heat, we had an absolute blast. Cedar Point has an absolute plethora of coasters and we managed to ride the majority of them. For my Midwestern friends out there, I managed to squeeze in rides on Magnum, Millennium Force, Raptor, GateKeeper (twice!),  Iron Dragon, Maverick and Rougarou. I’m not really a fan of the jerky wooden ones and unfortunately Wicked Twister and Dragster were closed most of the day. Thew new record breaker Valravn was open, but the line was just too long. Nobody wanted to stand in line in 100 degree weather for over two hours.IMG_5419

We did end up waiting almost two hours for Maverick. It was just a nightmare. It kept having issues and the employees were not keeping the lines moving. They were joking around with each other and taking their sweet time. Plus we caught them letting people in from the exit line. They did it twice to us when we were waiting up on the platform. I was sure somebody in the line would snap. Everyone is cranky after 2 hours in the heat and they were blatantly letting people cut us.

Besides that incident, we had a good time. A lot of the rides kept shutting down – I think the heat was causing them problems. But we got to ride most of the coasters I wanted (plus the Power Tower & Witches Wheel). I also went on the Gondola ride twice to get around the park. I had never been on it before and ironically enough, it scared me the most. I did not feel secure or safe… at all. But I was tired (we had walked over 15 miles that day), so I went back on it anyway ;)

We left the park at about 8 and then grabbed to go food from Panera to take back to the hotel. We were all sweaty and exhausted, all we wanted were showers and rest. I’m so glad we decided to stay two nights instead of one. It would have just been too much to drive home that night.

There is similar even that is happening in October at Six Flags America. Ivan and I will be in DC at that point, so I’m hoping we can attend. Hopefully I can get some of my girls out to DC to run with me again.

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  • So fun! Congratulations on your finish!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Rachel Dean

    I can’t believe you had the energy for the park after running a 5K in that heat. I’m not sure I’m into waiting in rollercoaster lines any more. I guess I’m too old for that. LOL

    The selfies are fun!!

    • Most lines were under 20 minutes – we just got stuck in line at Maverick. We hit the point where we couldn’t make ourselves get out of line because we had already invested so much time

  • What a great event. I’m not a runner, but I really admire you who are. These runs sure look like a lot of fun.

    • I’m not really a runner either. I go running, but I’m so slow, I don’t really consider myself a “runner”. You should try a 5k sometime. A ton of people (including me) stop and walk and it’s just so electric. The atmosphere is always amazing.

  • I love the name of your team “Run Like The Winded”. I can’t believe you still had energy after that great event to deal with the heat and lines at the park. Looks like you girls made the best of it! :) They do have some great coasters though and even though I haven’t been for a few years, I’d love to spend the weekend in the park. Just maybe not in 100 degree weather. lol!

    • I hadn’t been in about 4 or 5 years, so it was a lot of fun for me. There were quite a few new rides. We used to go every year when I was growing up, but now adult life is just too busy for all that ;)

  • Oh, that was not a good Cedar Point day with the heat. It looks like you had fun. The Maverick breaks down ALL of the time.

    • I had only been on it once before and we didn’t have any issues. I wish I would have known it was a trainwreck lol I NEVER would have gotten in line.

  • Haven’t done any 5k for the last few years or so. Your post reminds me to signup for one soon!

  • Looks like you had a great and really productive weekend! Congrats on running the 5K, must have felt awesome ?? xx

  • Way to go on the race! My family makes a trip to Cedar Point every other summer…and funny enough, they are actually there right now! They had sent me a photo of waiting in line for Valravn…it doesn’t look like that line has gotten any shorter. Haha. That’s too bad Dragster and Wicked Sister were down – I love those! I’m glad you had a great time despite the heat! :)


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