Weekend Snapshots: Harry Connick Jr. & Fancy Swan Apples

Weekend Snapshots: Harry Connick Jr. & Fancy Swan Apples

This past weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday night I stayed in and had a “me” night while Ivan went out with his friends. I like going out, but I also enjoy some alone time every once in a while.

On Saturday we went on a double date with one of my best friends. We went to the planetarium at MSU and had a blast. It was a completely nerdy date, but I love that kind of thing. The four of us really had a great time and have plans to go bowling soon. Ivan and I went out for frozen yogurt afterwards and then went back to my place for some netflix.

I also got some work done on my DIY desk on Saturday afternoon. I bought a big slab of old gym flooring and am turning it into a custom desk. We have a file cabinet from a local used furniture store that I picked up for $10 that will serve as the base. The other end will be attached to the wall. I’m pretty excited about this project. I enlisted the help of my father and we were able to cut it down to size. I  also purchased some matching maple trim boards that I’m going to stain in a natural finish. That way the edges will all be smooth and wonderful.

I haven’t had a chance to clean it up yet, but here is what it looks like cut.

IMG_6187 Then last night my mom and sister and I had a girls night. We went to dinner at Beggar’s Banquet and then to the Harry Connick Jr. concert at the Wharton Center. We had a fantastic time. Unfortunately we had a wharton employee right next to us who wouldn’t let us take a pictures. I managed to sneak a few, but I couldn’t take a full out selfie of us.

IMG_6198Dinner was also fantastic; the appetizer was a favorite. We had brie and apples and they sculpted the apples in the shape of a swan. How much fun is that?
IMG_6192I’d really recommend going to see Harry Connick Jr. if you ever get the chance. He was very entertaining and he sounded great live.

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