Weekending: Hiking Excursion at Billy Goat Trail

Weekending: Hiking Excursion at Billy Goat Trail

Guys, I had the best weekend. On Saturday morning Ivan and I got up early and made the thirty minute drive to the Billy Goat Trail. It’s a system of trails right outside of metro dc that I’ve been meaning to try out.

We had planned on doing trail A, which is the most challenging, but it was closed due to flooding. Instead of calling it quits, we decided to give trail B a shot, which involves a bit of rock hopping and climbing. I needed both hands in a few spots, but I was also overly cautious due to the slick rocks from the rain.

Dogs are allowed on trails B and C, but we left Kidd at home because we had planned on hiking A. We ran into a number of dogs on trail B, but I am kind of glad we didn’t bring Kidd. Even though I know he’d love it, he’s not good enough on a leash (or off a leash) to bring into a situation like that. There was too much maneuvering over rocks to safely have him on a leash (since he pulls horribly) and we can’t trust him not to take off after another dog or animal.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone else see the lion face in this rock formation? Maybe I’m crazy, but I definitely see Mufasa staring off into the wilderness.

Next time we go, I’d like to do the complete circuit. It’s an 8 mile loop, which is certainly do able. Plus I love this sort of exercising – the kind you don’t realize you’re doing.

It was also nice to be outside, enjoying the sunshine and just hanging out together. We don’t do enough of that. When we are at home, we are always distracted by something. It’s just so hard to unplug in todays world.

Later that day we met up with another couple for a casual double date. We headed to a local sports bar to watch the basketball game and then ended the evening with dessert at the diner next door. Ivan and I split homemade pecan pie and a banana milkshake. Totally not necessary, but oh so delicious.

Then on Sunday we went for a jog together around Alexandria. It was beautiful out so we ran the Sunday 5k challenge on Nike Plus. We also did a bit of cleaning/laundry and packed for our trip to New Orleans.

What was your weekend like?

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  • What a fun trail! I absolutely agree with loving this kind of exercise and we do not do it often enough. Took me looking at it twice but I totally see the lion….so cool.

    • Yeah, I try to exercise pretty regularly, but I hate when it feels like a chore. It never does when you’re doing something challenging and fun!

  • Oh my gosh, that rock formation totally looks like a lion! Crazy!!

    Allie | http://www.lunavidablog.com

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