Weekending: The One With National Dog Day

Weekending: The One With National Dog Day

How was everyones weekend? Mine was pretty relaxed. I made an effort to keep it low-key, considering the upcoming month is going to be so insane. I can’t believe we’re getting married in less than two weeks. I’m not nervous, but it’s just weird. I think the strangest thing for me is going to be changing my name.

I debated on whether or not to change it for months, but I finally decided on taking Ivan’s last name. I grew up thinking I’d keep my maiden name, Snyder, but it just feels right to change it now. It will be something I have to get used to though. I’ve been Sarah Snyder for 27 years.

Anyways. My weekend. Friday night we just stayed in and hung out. I read, while Ivan played the new Madden game. See? We’re basically an old married couple already.

Saturday was National Dog Day and we decided to take Kidd up to Scott’s Run Nature Preserve for a hike. When my dad was here he pointed out how much wait Kidd has gained. I see him everyday, so I didn’t really realize it. But it’s true – and now super obvious to me. We don’t have a yard here, so he gets way less exercise living in the apartment. I’ve been trying to step up my game where he’s concerned lately. Longer walks, no people food and more trips to the dog park.

We switched up his food too – he was on an extremely high protein food (Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete) because when we got him he was skin and bones. He’s now on Taste of The Wild Pacific Stream. He seems to like it, hopefully the change will help.

Sorry for those of you who don’t give a crap about dog food. So Scott’s Run. We took the Potomac Heritage Trail up to the waterfall and then around to the Trillium Hollow Trail. From there we connected to the Burling Cabin trail and hopped onto the Stubblefield Overlook Trail. That connected to the Oak Trail and then finally cut back to the Potomac Heritage Trail. Basically we had no idea where we were going.

We didn’t get lost exactly, we just kept walking. I should have looked at the map before we left, but I didn’t. I just knew where to park and to follow the creek to the waterfall. We would have just turned around and walked back, but it really wasn’t a very long trail and we wanted to exercise more. I now realize we should have stopped at a second overlook for more pictures, but I didn’t even know it was there. Oh well. Next time.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Mayweather / McGregor fight that night. Ivan got me into boxing, so I was pretty excited for the date night. The place was absolutely packed, so we got seated with another random couple. I was just happy we didn’t stuck with standing room only. We just missed the cut off for that. I’m not a Mayweather fan, at all, but I wanted him to win. I felt like it would be a huge embarrassment for the sport if he lost. McGregor actually did much better than I thought; he made it all the way until the 10th round. He just got tired too – I don’t really think Mayweather outboxed him, he just couldn’t hang longterm.

Sunday morning I took Kidd for a walk on the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria. We’ve walked that before – it’s really gorgeous. There are so many amazing walking/running/biking trails in this area.

After that, I got some work done and then Ivan and I went to Nordstrom Rack. I, surprisingly, didn’t get anything. We got a lot things for Ivan though. He needed some new work shirts and we were able to find him some new shoes for the wedding.

We grilled for dinner and then just relaxed at home for the rest of the evening. I watched part of the VMA’s, but it made me feel really old. I didn’t recognize about half of the people. How about that Taylor Swift video though? I won’t lie, I’m not a huge fan of the song overall. Have you guys heard it yet? I like parts of it, but I really hate the chorus.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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