Weekending: The One Where I Rode a Twelve Person Bike

Weekending: The One Where I Rode a Twelve Person Bike

This weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night Ivan and I went bar hopping in Clarendon with another couple. We booked the Arlington Party Trolley, which was one of my favorite experiences in DC so far. It’s a giant 12 person bike that you ride around from bar to bar. It’s got flashing lights and a sound system hooked up to provide a one of a kind bike ride.

We signed up for a mixer tour, which meant that we were supposed to be joined by another group. However, they were no shows, so the 4 of us were left doing all the peddling. The driver told us that they normally cancel the tour if there’s less than 6 people because it can be a little difficult to do. We definitely felt it on the hills, but there, of course, is a backup motor to help.


We visited two different bars, but there is a whole list of places that offer specials for the trolley. After our two hours were up, the four of us went to a roof top bar for the rest of the night.

I won’t lie to you, I was pretty hungover Saturday, so I didn’t do much. We ventured out of the apartment to get some greasy grub (best hangover cure) at a local burger place, Flat Top Burger. It was our first time there and it was really good. It was basically five guys, but they have onion rings too. They also free arcade machines. One Mrs. Pac Man and one that had a variety of games… includes Galaga. Guys, Galaga’s my jam.

A nice big burger is my favorite hangover cure. #burger #lunch #patio #alexandria #extraordinaryalx #delray #delrayva

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On Sunday I met up with a few friends in Old Town for brunch. We went to my favorite restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, Taverna Cretekou.

The food is always delicious and the patio is basically magical. They were even featured on “Food Paradise” for their epic buffet. I love going for dinner and sitting outside, because it’s like a hidden oasis in the city. They turn on all the twinkling patio lights and it’s so charming and romantic. On Thursday nights they have live greek music and dancing. There is also plate smashing. What a fantastic place.

Please ignore the mess in the selfie above. I just wanted to show you guys the awesome blue linen dress I got from ASOS I bought in January. I purchased it right after we bought our tickets for our honeymoon, because it feels super greek to me. I won’t lie, I felt super cool wearing it at the restaurant ;)

After brunch I met back up with Ivan and we ran some errands. The rest of Sunday was pretty relaxing, which is great because our upcoming week is absolutely packed. We’re going to the Nationals / Diamondback games on Tuesday and Wednesday and then we’re going to a Cinco De Mayo festival Friday and a fun street festival on Saturday. Then Saturday night we’re going to watch the Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. fight at the movie theater down the street. Sunday is my birthday and we’re going to Parking Lot Party at the coffee shop up the street. So, I think keeping a low profile this weekend was a good plan.

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  • That bike looks like SO MUCH fun! Also DC! I love DC – my best friend’s family lives in Great Falls so I have spent a lot of time in that area. Would love to live there one day!

    • it’s a fantastic place to live! And yes, the bike was a blast lol They have them all over the place now, you should check google and see if there is one near you :)

  • We have one of those bikes here, and they’re SO MUCH fun!
    Green Fashionista

  • I’ve seen those bikes so many times but I’ve never done it! When I was out with a friend on Saturday we saw some people doing one in the pouring rain! That’s dedication!

  • Fun weekend and great pics! We were thinking about doing one of those bikes for a friend’s Bachelorette!

    • it was a lot of fun! I’m thinking about renting one out in my hometown for my bachelorette party in August. I’d definitely do it again :)

  • The Peddle Bars look like a ton of fun! I always saw them in Grand Rapids, but we never got around to doing it.

    • They have one in Lansing too. I’m pretty sure there is one in Detroit now as well. I’m considering about doing one in Michigan for my bachelorette party :)