What’s New With You: The Upcoming Move

What’s New With You: The Upcoming Move

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What's New With You

What’s new you ask? Well, a lot. In January we decided to make a big move (we won’t actually be moving until July), but it’s just starting to feel real. Ivan will be graduating from law school in May and he has accepted a job in DC. We spent the past summer in DC, but this will be the first time I’ve officially moved away from my family. We’re a very tight knit group… we all live within 5 minutes of each other and we all work at the family business. I know I will enjoy my time in DC, but I also know I’m going to struggle with missing everyone.


We’re flying out next weekend to go apartment hunting. I know it’s rather early to be looking, but we need something very specific and we won’t be able to visit again before it’s time to move. I want to find a building that I love, because I we will be there for at least 3 years and I would rather not move twice.

I’m also a bit nervous about moving to a new city where I really don’t know anyone. I’ll be working from home and therefore my interactions with potential new friends will be somewhat limited. Has anyone experienced something like this before? Any suggestions? I’m all ears.

Anyways, that’s the big news for the day. I’ll keep you guys updated on the moving process and the apartment search. I’m kind of digging the whole apartment search aspect. I come from a family of Real Estate agents though, so that’s really not surprising.


  • Congrats on the big move! I’m working from home for our year in Chicago, and I’ve made friends in our building! I put together a fantasy football team in our building, and that got the ball rolling on meeting people. :) Good luck apartment hunting! I’m in the middle of that right now for our move back to Texas, and it’s so frustrating!

    • thanks for the tips Olya :) I’m hoping I’ll be able to make some friends in the building. We’re looking for one with a dog park, so it should be easy to meet other people there. Good luck to you too!

  • DC is such a wonderful city and I have no doubt that you’ll love it there! :) I’ve lived an hour from DC my whole life and still love going there.

    • Yeah, I spent about 3 months there last summer and loved it and I’m excited to go back :) it will be a big change, but I think it will be good

  • That’s huge news! DC is such a fun city so I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it. Good luck with the move and finding a good place! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  • Congratulations with the move! And good luck apartment hunting. I work from home mostly, and we moved to a new town where we know nobody about 18 months ago. I’ve met people through blogging, but the vast majority of my new friends have come through church. If you’re not a churchgoer that’s probably of limited use, so maybe shared interest clubs (book group, exercise class etc) might work too?

    • Thanks for the suggestions Rachel! Joining a book club is a good idea. I’ll have to look for some before I head out there :)

  • oh wow! congrats on the move. good luck with everything. i have never moved somewhere where i didn’t know anyone at all, but i’m sure you’ll make friends somehow! like maybe what rachel or olya suggested. good luck!

  • We’re visiting DC next month and I can’t wait! Good luck finding the perfect apartment!

    • thanks Corie! You’re going to LOVE DC. There are so many great things to do… and all the museums are free :)