Willkommen to Snowfest

Willkommen to Snowfest

On Sunday I kidnapped Ivan and took him to Snowfest. Snowfest is a festival that is held in Frankenmuth, Michigan. There are a number of different activities and attractions, but the main events are the snow and ice sculptures.

I’ve been to “Michigan’s Little Bavaria” many times, but I’ve never attended Winterfest. I have to say, it was impressive. I can barely manage to make a snowman and these people were pulling off HUGE displays.

2IMG_5949IMG_5945IMG_5952Then of course, because it’s a campy tourist destination, they had all kinds of fun and random photo cutouts. My favorite? The Ninja Turtles of course. These were outside of a cupcake shop that we found. Aren’t they fantastic? 1They had a petting zoo on location for the kiddos too. Which meant that I was all over it. I can’t pass up an opportunity to pet a camel.

3I also wanted to share these gigantic donuts. Guys, I know that these just look like normal donuts. But trust me, they are massive. Easily larger than my head. I would have fallen straight into a sugar coma if I had tried to eat one.IMG_5948We ended up eating at the Bavarian Inn. It’s an incredibly hokey place, but sometimes that’s just what you want. Besides, it’s good food and that’s all that really matters. Plus there was no wait. I also just found out that they offer pretzel and strudel making classes.  I wish I would have known that when we were there.IMG_5976

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